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Teddy Bradford

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The art & music are really, really great. I think the controls could go through a few more rounds of revision (as a few others have mentioned), but beyond that the game feels great. Love the attention to detail in the landscape & backdrops – it makes for a great atmosphere.

This was fun! I really liked the simplicity of it. Kind of reminded me of a WarioWare minigame with simple art and controls. Also great to see the shading on the walls – it makes it look a lot better. :)

I think I broke your game... I fell down into the abyss, but the game didn't end. The "Warning!" text is still flashing and the timer keeps increasing. I think I'm going to get the high score!

There are so many different types of isometric control schemes. During testing, this setup seemed to work the best (though possibly a bit more confusing to get used to than others). In a future version I will definitely add settings to allow the player to select which type of isometric controls he or she is most comfortable with.

Nice & simple, though I think it could use a lot of refinement. A few suggestions:

  • Try making the wall pathing smoother. When I would stick to a wall, the game jumped me all over the screen at each new plane as it went back in space (sorry, hard to explain...).
  • Try adding a bit more accelerating to the player movement. There were several instances where I just felt like it was impossible to collect a circle on the opposite side of the screen.
  • Occasionally a bullet would be synced on top of a circle, so it was impossible to collect the circle without getting hit by a bullet. I'd add some logic to make sure this doesn't happen.
  • That bullet overlapping sound x_x;

The general gameplay is quite fun with the waving space, though, so I'd love to see you refine it!

Pretty amusing. I wish the humor was played out a bit more, though. Make it even more outrageous! :)

Gameplay-wise, I wish there was some kind of penalty mechanic for failing to avoid objects.

Very relevant entry! The art is pretty good and the music is great. I think the biggest issue I had is with controls. They could use a lot of refinement, testing, and iteration. The air time for normal jumps is far too high; in the cave section with the barrels, whenever I jumped I could never judge where I would land because I jumped so high and for so long that I couldn't see the barrels below – I had to look at the minimap to get past that level.

On that note, the minimap is pretty awesome, though the graphics could probably be simplified. Also, the tutorial at the start was pretty well thought out, but I think turning it into more of a narrative would be even better & more directed.

Keep going with this & it will turn into a great game!

The music is great, but I couldn't figure out what the object of the game is. I managed to "hack" open some doors by mashing my keyboard & killed some enemies by pressing E, but beyond that I couldn't figure out where/what/how I was supposed to be doing things.

To me this game is screaming to have some strategy elements incorporated. I think that could be really fun if you keep going with it, but at the moment things seem too random & arbitrary for me to really enjoy it.

Very well done! The art & sound are great. I think the controls are -almost- right, but I'd try doing some more tweaking. There are certain places where cars align and block the entire road, and although you can break it can be difficult to shift your vehicle to the other side of the road quick enough to not suffer drastically from the time lost.

Interesting game. The art is great & the atmosphere is perfect. Some ambient arpeggiating synth music would fit perfectly!

However, I encourage you to try to make a more intuitive interface rather than relying on so much dialogue instruction. Since there are so few controls, it seems unnecessary to have to learn them through playing (a la Ocarina of Time). For me it would be great to just be able to jump right into the game.

I think the hacking mechanic could be even more interesting if it were timed based & more action packed (maybe think of it as a minigame like the pipe puzzles in BioShock?). Also, I would suggest lowering the gravity. I think Tyrell falls way too slowly.

I think this game has a lot of potential, and I'd love to see it fleshed out more! :)

Quite a fun game! Overall it's really well put together. A few suggestions:

  • Start the player off touching the building. I was a little confused at first because I thought that I -was- on the platform.
  • When riding on the left or right edges of a platform near the edge of the screen, if I moved to the top or bottom it my character was cut off of the screen. Maybe pull the camera back a little?
  • I think color coding the windows would be a great way to help create a relationship between the interface & player input.
  • Score screen music seems to be clipping. I would try lowering the output volume on it to make sure the sound doesn't distort.

But yeah, just some nitpicking on my part – great job!

The human shield mechanic is great! Really adds a lot of depth to the typical dodge incoming stuff genre. I think you did a good job of balancing chaos while providing enough visual cues to allow the player to react. One thing that bothered me a bit was the movement control – it felt a little too sluggish for my taste. Nevertheless, fun game.

I really enjoyed the parallel perspective mechanic in this narrative. Not only did it make the story more interesting, but it also allowed me to engage with the text in a much deeper, analytical way since I was constantly switching perspectives and comparing them to each other.

There were a few grammar mistakes, but overall the writing was fine and mostly understandable. Also, there was at least 1 or 2 instances of links that didn't go to a new page (when new lines would appear below the links) which seemed a little strange, though that might just be a limitation of Twine?

Anyway, great job! It was a fun story to read through.

Ignoring the fact that this isn't at all related to cyberpunk, the general gameplay seems fine, but the controls could use some fine tuning. I didn't really like how the edges of the screen = death; it made it quite frustrating when I would try to jump to a ledge and die because the height of my jump placed me past the top edge of the screen. It could be interesting to try wrapping the edges of the world so that you can walk to the other side (a la Mario Bros.), but you'd probably have to rethink the level design if you go that route – which isn't necessarily a bad thing!

I like the concept. The aesthetics are nice, but gameplay-wise I think it could benefit from being a bit faster (both in move speed and jump animation speed). It might also be interesting to have a "backpedaling" mechanic that slows you down a little bit & then have timed moving obstacles. Nice job, though. It's a fun game!

I like the mix of different forms of writing – both in syntax and in voice. It really adds a lot of texture to the story. I kind of wish there was less of a directed narrative, though. Right now you have a list of hacked data on the left and a "next hack" button, but I think it could be more interesting if you used a more nonlinear structure, as well as making more connections between the different texts. Something like Geoff Ryman's "253" (http://www.ryman-novel.com/) is a great example of what I'm talking about. You should definitley keep going with this. I think it could turn into a really great piece of interactive fiction.

This game has a lot of potential. The general idea is there & once it's refined more it will be very fun!

I'd consider zooming in a bit more so that the character takes up more space relative to the screen. I think it would make the gameplay more reactive rather than proactive (since you can plan way ahead as it is now).

Really interesting concept! I like the idea of having to fight over the keyboard to achieve victory. Though, it seems like the player on the left of the keyboard has a "hacker" advantage by being able to toggle the caps lock key. ;)

Simple & fun! The concept is great. Something felt a little off with the disable/recovery mechanic, though. I felt like I should have been able to move sooner after getting disabled. Or maybe instead of locking out player input you could try slowing down the character instead? The sound effects work really well with the art style, but the music is a bit jarring. Otherwise, this is a very enjoyable game!

Overall it was quite enjoyable. The mood and atmosphere were spot on, and the dialogue was great! Here are a few things that I think could make it even better:

  • Song changes were a bit abrupt & distracting. Would be great to hear a sound clip of a jukebox switching records for each transition.
  • I had trouble remembering some of the drink orders toward the end of the game. I wonder if there's a more interesting game mechanic that could be used for serving up drinks that memory game? Perhaps you have to serve multiple customers at once within a given time?
  • Would be great to see the NPC characters interact with each other occasionally (though it's possible this happens and I just didn't get to the proper narrative line).

Again, great job!

Thanks for the feedback! The speed seems fine to me (though I have been playing the game for extended periods of time), so perhaps I should add some kind of difficulty setting that adjusts the base speed of the Rise. I do like your idea to make the landing area more apparent – I think just turning up the intensity on the under lighting on the ball might do the trick.