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You have to unpackage / unzip the folder and all of it's content itself.

"IT literally does not let me install the game which means I cant even access the ZIP file"

Do you mean the download? If that's the issue, DirectDoggo said that that is a issue, and to contact them about it.

Have you checked your windows firewall to make sure that your browser is allowed to download things?

Windows firewall / defender sometimes doesn't allow browsers / websites to download things. If that's case, the link above should be able to help you out.

How about permissions for itch to download things to your computer?

Some browsers / versions of windows require you to give each site specific permissions to download things onto your computer's hard drive or a flash drive (This is to make sure that you wanted to download something, which also prevents viruses downloading themselves in the form of a program).

Now, I'm not sure what browser you're using but it might just be that. Windows Defender hates people and does that sometimes. Admittedly, it's not always the most user friendly, I guess that's why we have the internet to look that stuff up though haha

I'm not the creator, just someone who sees questions like these and answers them.

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it is?? Did you unpackage the zip file?? It does contain the windows exe file.

Most versions of windows now have an unpacker built in, but if not, pick up WinRar!