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Aye! Always hyped to play this game over and over again to be honest, really charming and fun!

I'd be interested in testing the game!

I've followed and loved this game for a long time so it's amazing to see how far it's come and what to expect in the future. So excited and nostalgic to see it finish when you guys get it all done!

There's not much too it yet but i love this game a lot already! cant wait to see more

I love this series so much!! 

this was pretty fun! 

This was super fun!! the art is amazing and the characters are super cool! Loving the Danganronpa vibes this game gives off

I was compelled suddenly to look for visual novels and i have to say that i am not disappointed with this game one bit! It was extremely quirky and cute not to mention great design, visuals, dialogue, etc