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A nice combination of 2d and 3d elements. It is pretty good and everything feels right. It gives me the "Alice in Wonderland" vibe. Though, the control could have been improved as slam attack is extremely hard to use; I failed a lot of times. Also, I am not sure if it is a glitch or it is meant to be that way; when the player gets attacked, the camera shakes a lot which gave me motion sickness. Other than that, everything seems great. 

Nice environment with beautiful visuals. The sound and music go well together with the aesthetics. Everything looks nice. On the other hand, colliders may need to be improved as I occasionally bumped straight into the assets and eventually fell from the ground. However, it is still good work!

An enjoyable, all-age game with playful music and sound effects. I like when you cross the bridge and it changes to side-scroller perspective which was pretty smooth when transitioning, though the control may need a slight tweak at this point because I fell off the bridge several times and got stuck there. However, overall everything seems great.

Okay, maybe a different asset for food, it is a bit quirky with banana eating meat bone :)

I like the environment with those paintings around and the lightings and shadows. They look nice. I dont understand how the stealth mechanics work though because I got caught several times but from the screen, the security guard didn't catch up with me. Does that mean I cannot be seen at all? 

A nice polished game, I have to say. I like the number of details being put into this game like how the character slowly changes as time passes. There is no background music, but honestly, I don't think it is necessary when you immerse yourself into the texts, though adding a few sound effects would be nice such as the sound of playing guitar and watering flower.

Very ambitious of trying to make an RTS game within six weeks and you guys seem to have nailed something down. It reminds me of chess when playing this game which makes me think that it might be interesting to add some chess elements to the game. Overall, it looks great. 

It's a very neat game with nice art and animation. Everything feels smooth. It is however a bit hard though, especially with the bow weapon. I felt that the weapons were slightly unbalanced; personally, I prefer the staff over others. 

Thank you, we are planning on adding powerups to the game that the player can get from the enemies.