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Yeah I found this literally after I posted this Im soo god damn stupid thanks anyways

for the zombie quest I can find key number 2 for the 2 levers please I looked everywhere and I'm stuck really enjoyed the game up until this point please help this is really annoying

please make it so you can see which gender pokemon is which or make a setting where you cant get males im not into that shit man

Yeah I found that out minutes after I posted this forgot to delete im an idiot lol

How do you tame monsters? Its never mentioned in the game and I feel like I'm at a disadvantage doing everything solo stuck at barracks right now if that helps

it's a language she's a frog Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

Game look cool any chance its coming to android? (You probably get this alot I understand)

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Idle animations pls staring at the same jpeg makes me naeusas

Like I don't know breathing? Head swaying? BLINKING?

My guy wtf did French people do to you its a language just because they speak it doesn't mean there the same as every other French person you didn't like you stereotyping racist puss

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Crashes when I start when I first started playing the game it crashed once and had little to no problems then like 20 min later everytime I try and load the game it just crashes I'm on my Samsung galaxy a11 so maybe its my hardware the game is good would like to play it if you could add some more optimization for lower end device that would be great and please i don't know much about computer science but a autosave feature I have lost so much progress when the game just shits its self its so annoying. That's all great game I guess I need to get my funds up phone can't handle it I guess

Edit: well the game is unplayable now so I guess on to the next one might come back in a couple months to see if the game is stable