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Supa HM02

A member registered Dec 31, 2017

Recent community posts

Can you fix the issue of accidentally talking to the person next to who you want to talk to if you arent right in front them?

Ok, ill wait for that. Its good to see this game is back

So my game just crahed after winning a cow race and said that it was missing the blue bovines file. would uninstalling and reinstalling fix that? 

When does the next Patreon poll for princesses start? I’m thinking of joining to vote. 

Is 20 going to be the max amount of recruitable princess forever, or do you plan on adding more than that at a later date?

Also will Dullahan princess be made recruitable any time soon?

Is there anything currently we can do with the Werebeast Princess other escorting her back to her tower? 

So all the costumes/palette swaps will be in-game? Nothing in-game will be locked behind Patreon, correct?

Will the bonuses from Patreon stay exclusive or are they going to be timed exclusives?