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Stormy Night Games

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Good job constructing the enemy waves and movement patterns.  They are varied, deliberate, and sometimes tricky to get past.  I did find the control very slippery though.  The ship takes a moment to accelerate but has a very high top speed, so careful movement is difficult.  Still, I kept playing to see if I could get farther.

Frantic, fun, and very tough.  I like the music and the trippy checkerboard background, reminds me of primitive 3D.  I had some trouble with the controls, though - the acceleration is very high, so I tend to slide around a lot.

This was fun, and decently challenging towards the end.  I enjoyed the platform-shooter gameplay, the music, and the two-dimensional level design.  Nice work!  My only complaints would be that the enemy hit recovery is kinda long, and the boss music is really drowned out by the SFX.  

Fun little web game, simple but challenging.  Managed to finish it after a few tries.  The main issue I see is that the game doesn't properly reset to the beginning when you beat it or die.

This is a solid start - hope there's more to come.

Oddly heartfelt and a good use of the jam theme.  Nice job.

Cute and cheerful little game.  Maybe you could expand it into something longer.

This sounds like a nice little concept. I'm looking forward to trying it.