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oxo, Poke Abby is freaking delightful.

First off, Abby herself is a masterpiece. You've created a character with a true sense of presence, and I've played enough games in VR (mainstream and *ahem* otherwise) to know how rare that is. Abby's natural way of moving, facial expressions, vocalizations, reactions, and body language make her feel like a living, thinking, feeling entity. I'd take one masterfully crafted character like Abby over a thousand of the hi-poly, photorealistic, glassy-eyed automatons VR developers tend to use.

Almost as impressive as Abby herself is the setting. You've got an absolutely lovely storybook art style, and the things you do with light and shadow are gorgeous.

I've purchased the HD release, not because there was anything lacking in the free version, but in the hopes that if enough people do likewise we can cajole you out of your hiatus. I do understand your reasons for backing away from such endeavors, insofar as you've explained them. I've come to similar crossroads, albeit with 100% fewer sexy green-eyed magic students involved.

Just please keep in mind that there's an inherent dignity in acknowledging your calling in life and pursuing it to the ends of the earth. Obviously, it would be rude of me to presume that your grand purpose on this planet is to make naughty games for goggle-clad strangers, but I can say unequivocally that you're a remarkably gifted creator in this particular genre. It would be a true shame to lose you.