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From all the time i have built housing in the game, there is no point going past one level.

when i build a 8x8 floor setup the roof is near impossible to build. Even with supports up the Yin Yang! 

To see if it was just my 8x8 setup i made a 6X6 & 4X4 & 2X2 floor setup. Each wall was 2 wall high walls and then wood floor on top then 2 more 2 wall high walls and the Roof does not stand & just collapses?

I assume the Program you use to develop the world is Hindering the Height of the Buildings. Do you design the game inside of a digital box that limits the height?

I am not an Educated Game designer but i have some rather awesome ideas and possibly could land me into going to Nait for Game design which is one of my dreams, to work with the gaming industry.

I recommend if you are not Hindered by height restrictions? that you allow us to build 2 even 3 level buildings. You gave us all these Awesome tools, shapes and designs to use yet the roof that is the MOST IMPORTANT is near impossible to build?

Now i need to look at this another way, is this Due to Alpha version and none of these issue above are in the new version being built for Steam?

From my experience I would be suited as a game moderator when you go live on steam.

I have proven that wrong. I made a building 3 storys tall and filled it in and stacked that 3 high and it will not go higher then that. Honestly that is so stupid. You should allow us to make a building to the gods. Kind of like the tower of Babel.


#1 Find a body of water or shore line Cabin and use as base.(I found to have less enemy's)

#2 focus on picking up wood and make a Work bench and bed. (Make sure you click the bed to make a spawn point when you die) 

#3 Find 3 wood and 6 Flint (found on shore lines). And make a flint Axe on the workbench.

#4 Find 10 stone and 3 wood and make Stone pick axe.

#5 Again roam the shore lines & find 52 Flint and cut down trees to get 60 wood and make 4 Flinthead spears & 20 Flinthead arrows. (use Spears to kill enemy's at first as you can pick the spears back up & it keeps the monsters distance from you since you have no good armour yet)

#6 Hunt down 20 deer useing only the spear & collect the Leather & Meat & make a set of deerskin Armour and a Bow. 

(Caution using Spears! You need to aim UP HIGHER above the targets!!!! Like a Deer, you have to kill from afar or they run away.)

Do not focus on ANY close combat at first  if you can avoid it? & ONLY use (Spears) UNTIL you have 6 Copper bar, 4 Coal, 4 Stone & 10 Wood were you can now build a (Forge) to make a Copper sword and a Copper Hat. 

If you fond  copper or Iron Ore? not already in bars? You need to find 40 stone & 4 Surtling Core and make a Smelter and a Charcoal Kiln and smelt the ore to make Copper or Iron bars

From here you can go to any Bog or Mountain top (Troll armour required & at least 20 health potions that you can make on the work bench to go to the mountain tops)

Welcome to Valheim. You are in for a treat as this is a one of a kind game.

the iron you find in bog easier then up in the mountains were you die fast from the cold.

Copper veins are all lol over the place, Deep in the forests.

No you do not. MAC is mainly for multimedia and not game.

You can also find bog iron. The veins I find are rare to find but single pieces are also over the Bogs. Walk in the water and you will find more also in the water all the fire enemy's die. And the zombies walk really slow in the water. It's best to search during the day as the sun lights up the ore making it easier to see