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Because the current version is the pay for play you actually have to pay to play the most current version on Patreon


This game is really quite something I just downloaded it recently and thought it was really cool and well drawn and written. Keep up the great work Dyne!

For some reason I feel as though this has become my favorite game now I have not been able to think so deeply about another game like I have about this game it truly is a great game the art is simply amazing the story lines for each character is beyond believable and I love it so much. I have so much respect for you Dynewulf and really hope this game will live for a long life I simply love it, it has inspired me more than you could imagine. I have to thank you for that and I will forever follow this for as long as it lives I simply can not stop loving it and I really think you are truly amazing and I will be a supportive fan through every endeavor. Thank you so much for making this amazing game I promise to be there for every update from now until the end.

I'm dying for Chester, Harold and Spencer they are fighting for first place as my favorite character and it's becoming more and more difficult to choice

I feel the same, but with Harold and Chester

Same doe

Yeah, is there an update today or is there not one out yet?

Harold Grifter is literally the hottest teacher out there I love everything about his character and his path so far Dianna is freaking crazy doe

I love you Harold you are freaken amazing and the first time is like I wanna cry don't feel bad

Dude Harold is perfect I love him so much