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it doesn't do anything.

4 direction movement, party list with stats you'll never use. Limited buttons, among other things.

Is the charm of yume nikki based on these limits of rpgmaker?

I use gamemaker. It wouldn't be difficult to emulate these limitaitons, but it also feels arbitrary to do so.

I can make full top-down movement. Clean up the pause menu. Add more actions...which probably isn't necessary. But does that not make it a yume nikki game?

That works actually.

You can't drop your tail to if you don't like new one you get. It'll just disappear. It's only there if you want to revert back to the default fox tail.

What parts of the game make it difficult? is it the enemy attacks? They're actually really predictable, except the otter. But I don't know any other reasons.

But I think I'll keep the difficulty as is. You gotta work for the cummies here. 

what could I do to determine if you top or bottom?  I want to avoid doing an explicit dialouge box to select. 

You can mess with the save files if you want. They're in the local files, that's all I'll say. Spoilers.

The only thing the game saves is your victory or loss. Nothing else, I'm confused.

Then download it from the itch directly instead of the app.

Can you show me what happens when you lose to the boss? I have no idea what could cause that.

Hmm I have no idea what's going on. I downloaded the latest build and I saw the bottom ending when I played through it. 

Are you using the itch app for it? That's what the forums say is a problem.

I didn't expect that to happen I'll fix it soon.

What does it meant to be more polish? Rub some wax on the rooms until they're shiny?

Other games contain pre-made rooms which you enter randomly. Rogue legacy and enter the gungeon are some examples. Spelunky also uses pre-made rooms with some obfuscation to hide it. I don't understand why this is a problem.

But what can I change with the horse tail? I know the weaknesses now, but that doesn't tell me how to make it better. I honestly have no idea how to change it. Keep it a melee attack, make it a projectile? how to make it different from the ones I have already? I don't have that information.

I'm kinda keeping the humping as is really. As I already said, it's purely for fun. Fun doesn't always mean you need to get something from your actions. Would it be better if I removed it? 

Enemies do drop items, tied to tails, but very rarely. Right now it's a random tail. But I may make them exclusive to the enemies that have them. but that also means you can't get an otter tail in a level that contains no otters.

Humping is purely for fun, it doesn't need to be more complex, the fox is already shooting his cummies on them.

I am open to thoughts on improve the tails though. I can't just read the horse is bad and not be suggest how to make it better.

Thank for the feedback. I'm currently looking into the levels and fixing the collision. Hopefully it will be more stable when the gamejam is done.

I'm making it even lewder

There will not be an android version.

oh I furgot about this forum. I got plenty of stuff to share.
My game is a gay furry megaman like.
different tails give the fox different attacks.

Playing it online is free.  You have to buy if you Want  to download it. 

I can see the credit to the artist yeah. But somehow there are a lot of people with that name. Or it's only one person and I can't find this song anyway.

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I only really intended this game to play through one time. There's no post game to play it again. But  have fixed the door being closed . so you can continue playing though.

You can use a gamepad as well. Or is it something else?

Seems your run got bugged. The game does have an ending. I'll need to fix that somehow.

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 enemy pathfinding gets screwed up on that level it seems. I've been fixing it all day, by tomorrow it should be stable.

I'll add to the readme for vending explanations. but 

Heart + += max life up

Diamond + += max ammo up

Meat = heal

I'm also concerned about the limitations. What about a background? Is that not allowed?

I'm not exactly sure how answer this. Gamemaker studio 2?

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Gah I forgot to upload the game.

Is it more accurate to  use landscape over portrait?

The backwards button is just for debugging, in case you get stuck. it's not intended for the final game. As for the controls being unclear. How to make them more clear? This is the extent I know of explaining things. I can't go further without help.

to clarify please.

this isn't allowed because it has 4 colors.

but this is allowed because it has 2 main colors, but one of them has a gradient of light and dark?

when we are only allowed to use two colors for sprites? it's rather confusing.