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I am moving laptops tomorrow. Can someone please tell me what I need to copy over so that I do not lose my Valhiem Character and personal local world?

Teleport Gates: Why do some my my gates turn from black/purple to red and I can no longer use them. But they still are up on both sides. Anyone can help me please? :)

Hi! Seems wierd. All I can say is have you tried to adjust the screen settings in the pop-up windows to lower resolution and/or windowed play? I'm sure they will fix this later but might be a temp work-around. Cheers.

NOTE - I am just a massive Fan and play daily. I am not apart of the game so any answers or advice I give, is just my personal knowledge from playing the game for over 100 hours. Enjoy!

I agree to some extent but if it's to be "realistic" then its hard to see at sunset and sunrise in real life no? So it adds to the challenge.  Just my opinion. :)

Try and create a new character and try with him. Might work. :) Let me know.