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Version 1.0.1

The River Update

  • Brings the river
  • Slime, Tentacle, Kappa, Merfolk and Bicorn (and the profile art) are now all in the bestiary
  • Marolos now has Camp dialogue and two additional sexscenes that can be unlocked
  • Lelath the bicorn can be recruited after a short questline, involving him, is finished (No camp dialog as of now)
  • Passages have been reworked and are no longer linear
  • A camp has been added as a starting point for explorations. It will update with the companions moving in.
  • Scenes are now exploration (meaning luck) based and you might see scenes a few times before you saw them all
Created a new topic Suggestions
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Something you think is missing?
Or maybe an idea for a monster?

Whatever it is, just post here.

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Version 1.0.0

The initial release

  • Has the plains
  • Cow, Sheep, Rat, Bees, Centaur and Satyr scenes, with profile art for all of them in the bestiary.
  • Marolos the satyr as a possible companion (Only the act of choosing him as a companion is possible, as of now)
Created a new topic Updates and Changes
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I'll be posting what has changed/is added in each update here.

(You can also go to the tumblr, to check this out)

The list of planned monsters and the areas they are in, to roughly give an overview on what will be done, can be found here

Yeah sure I am accepting critique. Thank you for taking the time!
Will try to see how it looks, thanks for the idea!