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- When the player enters their own house (in Butrinin Hamlet) they are positioned too close to the door to exit without walking up then down. This is no longer needed.
- Shields could be equipped by Knights and Warriors. This is corrected to only allow Warriors to use shields.
- Shield descriptions changed from Heavy Armour to Large Shield.
- Shields now available in the weapons shops and no longer in the armour shops.

- Website updated with Large Shield category added to weapons section and removed from heavy armour section.
- New Weapons and Armour pieces added to website.

New Weapons:

- Shield of Veles (UC)
- Defender Longsword (C)
- Betrayer Wand (C)

New Armour Pieces:

- Fortune Armour (C)
- Protector Robes (C)
- Warrior Armour (C)

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Welcome, my first game Path of Heroes, which is available now from my itch.io store page.

Using RPG Maker VX Ace to create an old style RPG game with beautiful areas to explore and features to investigate. As you gain knowledge through the land of Koroti and learn about their yearly tradition…

  • Discover the yearly tradition
  • Battle to become champion
  • As you are taken on a journey
  • Through the Land of Koroti
  • Setting your own path
  • With features including: 105 areas to discover and explore, 24 achievements to gather, over 100 unique weapons and armour pieces.
  • And Secrets to Uncover…

To keep up to on all the news and information regarding Path of Heroes please visit:

The Path of Heroes official website.

Created a new topic Update Log
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V_1.0 Launch Specification

  • 105 different maps to explore.
  • 6 different expertise (classes) to choose from.
  • Quest Journal.
  • 26 Books to read and collect.
  • 143 Unique Items
  • 128 Unique Weapons
  • 95 Unique Armour
  • 21 Unique Resources and Ingredients
  • 24 Unique Achievements
Created a new topic Discussion

General discussion area about anything to do with Path of Heroes and your progress through it.

Any posts with storyline spoilers must be marked with [SPOILER] at the beginning, otherwise they will be removed.

Created a new topic Suggestion Box
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Any ideas you may have for improving any current features as well as possible future feature ideas please place them here.

Created a new topic Bug Report
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Can you place any bugs/balance issues you find in the game here, with as much information as you can. This would allow for it to be resolved as quickly as possible.

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I am currently working on Path of Heroes an old school style RPG. Once complete the full game will be able to purchase here on itch.io, the demo will of course always be free. 0.85 is currently the newest publicly available version.

  • An exciting adventure across the land of Koroti to learn about their yearly tradition, and explore landscapes, whilst gaining knowledge and skills along the way to help you in your task ahead. Now it's time to choose your path, will you decide correctly..

With 29 different maps to explore and many new features in this version, all of these available on my page below: