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Cool Game. I like the theme implementation but yeah, it's unfortunate that the pit feature isn't present since of the lack of sense of progress aside from the layers on boxes, which i guess works too. Good Job!


That's a great idea you're a genius Sprawl! Agreed and much thanks for the feedback!

I got 5000 points =D

Fun Game! also nice idea. The tutorial can seem like walls of text but it's easy to learn. Ez 5 stars

It's pretty fun when everything goes as intended but i agree with everyone here and sounds would also improve the game. Good Job Overall =)

Most Fun from this Jam, not a fan of score games but I like it how there are waves, wouldve been nice to have a crosshair option,  great mechanics though 5 stars

Are there no sounds? Otherwise, neat idea but requires  lot of trial and error for the better or worse. Yes, agree with moonlight games

Keeping crosshair on target turns it red which gives damage boost when a bullets hits.

Ok! Visual Feedback and better application, thanks for the feedback I see =)

Are there no sounds? also agree with reBTF =)

Nice Theme Ideas but its just eh, not a puzzle person, not bad but i feel like thats the problem with a lot of devs

Nice Gameplay Ideas but a huge shame that there is little punch to everything. A few gameplay tweaks wouldve made this game way better. 

Nice art and theme application, more sounds wouldve made it 2x more fun though, i got 1000000 points idk if thats good or bad

Interesting Idea, Im not a puzzle person in particular but not bad at all.

The Feedback is appreciated justinooncx but can you go further on the things i didnt explain well so i can explain it better?

Thanks democore! I wasnt expecting much since this is my first game. I just hope it wasnt too hard

I encourage you guys to rate and ESPECIALLY leave a comment =D