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steel is proud

idubbz made a vid of this, THIS IS YOUR LIFE

soon :D

Created a new topic hey guys melike big boom here


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Hello, I have a few feedback notes that may improve your game

1. It would be nice if the game paused on the shop and options, like when it is enabled it would do Time.timescale = 0; then when it is closed, it would go back to 1, and make so the mouse X and mouse Y wont affect the camera rotation even if its at 0, because the FPSController still moves its camera even if the game is paused for some reason, but I think in unity 5.5 i think they made an Update to the FPSControler.

2. Maybe try using your own assets instead of using Low Poly Gun packs, like David Stenfors', but I accept it if those are placeholders, its a tiny nitpick to alter some of it,

3. Locking Cursors, One thing that I get annoyed at, is sometimes when I forget to lock the cursor and the cursor just goes out the Tab, so I recommend Cursor.visible = false; isnt enough, so I would rather do that with Cursor.lockState = CursorLockMode.Locked; so that I woudn't tab out of it and die

Maybe you can play my W.I.P game and pick up some pointers from how it acts.

That's a bit of feedback that I encountered, I hope you can fix this

I'll leave it a 3/5

Thank you

nah, it's just the obvious buttons are play and exit, to be logical

you can actually change inputs within the launcher itself