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Silicon Forge Studios

A member registered Mar 31, 2016

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Created a new topic Bug Lists
  1. Item Drop Duplication Glitch.
  2. The player is able to eat and drink past the max level they are supposed to.
  3. The player is unable to move when restarting the game.
  4. The build number does not show up when the project is built through Unity Cloud Build.
  5. Doors can be opened and closed by tapping the Activate key quickly.
  6. The player can power the robot on/off rapidly.
  7. The player currently does not burn food or water as time passes.
  8. The cursor is able to go outside of the game in windowed mode.
  9. Items added to the player's inventory stack on top of each other.
  10. The activation key sticks and does not toggle off correctly.
  11. The current active UI element stays active when the player is using keyboard and mouse.
  12. UI textures will sometimes break when changing Quality Settings levels from within game.