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Hello Keinart,

Thank you very much for creating this game.  The thought always goes that video games will be the next mainstream form of artistic expression, and that current attitudes towards them as being inane and only meant for entertainment is just a passing phase (as happened to movies and even literature, originally!) This should go especially for visual novels given that they are the most literary of video game formats.

Despite this, not all visual novels are written particularly well or seem to have literary merit. But One Thousand Lies was an incredible read—and the fact that you are bilingual only makes the eloquence of the English even more incredible!

(Spoilers ahead)

I know I shouldn't ask questions like these—stories are meant to stand on their own—but I feel too attached to the characters to not ask. In your interpretation, at least, what happens to Ziva and Ciarán's relationship after graduation? Do they remain friends, or do they grow distant?

Sort of related to that, what happens to Ciarán's relationship with all his friends? The epilogue suggests that they all grow distant since they don't celebrate Luce's birthday, perhaps indicating that the friend group hasn't come back together. Or was it just that only Ciarán didn't attend, or they just couldn't organize it but stay friends regardless, etc.

Also, one last question on the side: was Claire's design at all related to Koishi Komeiji from Touhou? The color scheme and the hat and (in my interpretation of the story) the characters as being related to subconscious psychology seemed all related to me.

Again, thanks for creating OTL and best of luck with your future projects!