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This was really beautiful! And the story was very relatable, as I've experienced something similar. Sometimes I think about how things could have been had I gone back and did things differently with this girl I crushed on (I'm also a girl), but didn't. I think about turning around all the time, but most people in these situations move on, and that's okay. And who knows, maybe the other girl had the same exact thoughts... I think from her expressions, it's very likely. I admit I did get a little emotional and tear at the end, (but I've been very emotional this past week haha!).  

As always, the graphics in your games are stunning , I LOVED the animations, and the music gave it a nice atmosphere!

This novel was SO GOOD! Great writing, lovely art, and the story was really intriguing! I'm not into kinetic novels, but after trying this one out, it definitely changed my mind in trying out more. Also Yozora is a major cutie.

Beautiful art, intriguing story/writing. I would LOVE to see a continuation of this game!

One of my favorite youtubers did a lets play of your VN.... and I was surprised at how hilarious it was!!! I haven't laughed so much in a long time!

Hi, I played the demo and I really liked it. The story was what intrigued me the most, which is kind of rare for me in most games nowadays. Though the demo was shorter then expected, I can't wait for the full release!

I was really blown away by how well the demo was!! I'm very excited for the full release! :) Much luck!

Hey, thanks for making these! I'll be checking them out!

Also, this is a cute game!

It's a Browser game, you don't download it, you can just play it on your computer! :)

I loved this VN!! It's so good I feel like tearing up a little now that it's over. :( More yuri VNs should be like this! The story didn't skip away a budding romance between two women, and the fact that Martha was such a non-girly bad*ss was a huge plus. Take notes ya'll!

Also, thanks for making this!