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The hidden boss fight in the game

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Hi, thanks for playing the free version. I just finished coding this version of the game, and it will take some time to create the full version, as it will have a lot more content (it's not out yet). Also, did you find the secret boss fight yet? 

Hi! If you looked at the controls page through the button on the home screen, it says to press P or Escape to pause the game, and the home button is in the pause menu. Thank you for the advice i'll make a home button in the pvp game over screen. 

Thanks, Antoine a.k.a Larry

Ok thank you for your help! :)

Thanks for the support Rohan! 

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I really enjoyed playing this game! XD

Hi roan thats only an issue that would be if you knock into the side of a spike or a slope when you die which is quite unlikely, but then if you jump everything will be normal again.