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I'm seeing these asset editing tools like the sound/font viewer and you're really starting to win me over.

Now I can play my game without moving a muscle. The future is here.

If you are restarting the game yes. If you are actually closing the game then no.

That's available natively in Game Maker. I hide that functionality away for the sake of simplicity but you can easily edit the functions to provide those arguments.

It's quite different in that it provides groups. So you can write...

music_group = saudio_group_create(false);

And when you play a sound...


The gain of the sound is relative to the gain of the group. This is super useful if you want to let the player adjust the volume of music for example. If you wanted to adjust the gain of a sound created with audio_play_sound_at() you wouldn't be able to at the same time lower the gain of that sound to match a players volume preference.

This framework also provides ease of use functions like crossfading and looping. It makes 3D sound especially easy as well since you don't have to mess around with listener orientation. You can just set the position to your desired x, y, z.

Too late, I've already ported it backwards, just for you. <3

Do you think it'd be worth me porting this backwards for 2.2?

Congrats on the release! It looks good man!

In this declaration

_grid:int64= ds_grid_create(HeroTraitData.Size,1),
_arg:int64= argument0;

_arg isn't highlighted as a local var.

As the title says!

Enum entries don't always update throughout project if renamed.

We have one already on Steam! Just purchase here, redeem your Steam key, and you should be good to go!

So good, YAL is a good boy.

There is not! But it is an extension, so you can drag it into a project just as easily.

It was not! I added it since you pointed that out.

Yep it's made for only GMS 2!

It doesn't have built in methods for detecting any specific controllers but it does know the difference between keyboard/mouse and gamepads. You an use gamepad_get_description() to get the device information.

You don't assign controllers to specific instances no. You have a whole library of function such as input_check() (the same as keyboard_check() or mouse_check_button()) and then you have a second type of input checking called actions. So you can more or less replace the whole default keyboard/mouse checking with input checking instead. The difference is that with input_check() you can pass in mb_left, vk_left, or gp_padl, and it'll figure out which functions to use in the backend and handle it for you.

Thanks for all the great feedback and positive attitude. I absolutely understand your gripe with the start button and we've since made changes. Now the "Title" screen can be entered by pressing anything on any controller/keyboard. This alone didn't fix the issue obviously so we also include some basic navigation prompts on menus now. Take note of the bottom-left corner.

Hey, this is pretty cool! :)

This does remind an awful lot of the Gameboy! Great work with the art!

Ah you're right! Whelp, it just dumps a ton of useless error codes to me. I'm assuming it's a runner issue with Game Maker Studio. So for now, we no longer support Linux. Fun. Thanks for the help in getting to a conclusion on this.

You're going to need at least one controller. You can't have two users on the same keyboard at the moment. Most USB controllers should work with the game.

It is only guaranteed to work on Ubuntu 14 or later. We just call it a Linux build because it can work on other versions of Linux.

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There are multiple bindings. You can use W,A,S,D with E to select, Arrows Keys and Z to select. You can also use a gamepad and rebind anything.

Thanks for making the video! Glad you like the game!

Hey... this is pretty good!

I don't think it's super important regardless. :P This is just the comment section on a game page. If anyone ever needs actual support they'll generally post on the Steam forums or email us.

You may want to google that title. ;) Or even just look it up on

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I've banned metamorphosis. He seems to be just stirring up trouble.

You need to redeem your Steam key. It says this on both the store page and the download page after purchase.

You need to redeem your Steam key. It says this on both the store page and the download page after purchase.

Hai o/

I definitely will consider doing it. GMS 2 is a bit more of a beast to tame though. lol