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Samuel Currier

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Hello, I am super happy that you like the idea. I also fixed the button issue and started working on my huge update again. Hopefully I can release it by tomorrow, but it's unlikely.

Hello, thanks for playing, I'm glad you liked it! I would love to say that I'm working on sounds, but in reality, I'm more concerned with additional levels, which I'm severely struggling with. I started another project and returned to some older stuff, so it'll be a few months before the next update.

Hello, I'm glad you enjoyed the game! I am already working on some music for this game, and would rather keep it as a solo project. However, I will add you on Discord when I have the chance, and I wouldn't mind making another small project to help you showcase your music. Let me know what you think!

Sorry, I must have missed it. I'll check it out!

Hey, your game looks very interesting but I don't want to buy it without playing it. If you could release a demo or an html build I would love it!

Great game, concept is super nice and easy to pick up. I would love to see some polish put on it and released as a full game!

Thank you for playing it, I'm glad you had fun!

Cool game with simple and fun controls. For a game made in 24 hours, it's very well built and sticks to the theme in a unique and interesting way. The slow deliberate combat mixed with intuitive controls and the simple objective of knocking your opponent off the edge makes for a rather interesting fighting game. The hitboxes are fair and it feels great to smack the other koala.  

Feels like a mix of Dishonored and Sword With Sauce to me.

Update coming later today!