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i remember playing a web-based text game on the other day and i absolutely fell in love, so i regret not having bookmarked it. it was all text, and you could choose your player name and gender. it did have adult scenes, but you could just as easily skip them (which was nice) and the interface was red in color.

the overall plot begins with the protagonist waking up in their apartment then getting into an optional fight with a monster girl pest living in their closet. the overall writing style had a lot of humor and snark to it, and it was a really fun urban fantasy-ish setting. two of the love interests were your coworkers, one of which was a human named mona. i also recall one of the fights being against a couple of fairies jamming up a printer. i hope that's enough information, and thank you so much if you've read this far!

oh my god yes, that works. idk why i didn't notice but thank u!! (windows btw but ig that's not as important now dfkjhfg)

this looks like a cool game, but i can't see any of the lower half of the game because my laptop screen is too small. is there any way to minimize the game screen so i can actually play?

oh my god you're right, i've been running it in windowed mode. i think that's probably the problem shdhfh thank you for replying! i'd def be interested in sticking around to see the next update :D

this game looks so cool, but i made an account just to ask if i was doing something wrong. after booting it up and going through the (super cool) title sequence, the "you belong" just kinda flashes out and i'm stuck with the nice blue scenery...and that's it. i've tried every button on my keyboard and nothing seems to progress it. sorry for posting such a dumb topic ajdhsdjf