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Replied to Sunglass Games in Bugs?

The reason to unclick it is that in the early game, the cost of users exceeding the server capacity exceeds the revenue those users bring in. One of my games I went bankrupt because I had something like 60,000 users on a 50,000 capacity with users only bringing in about 0.07 each. This was enough to take my green profit and turn it into a red negative.

Posted in Bugs?

Here's another bug: I opened the "Upgrade" for offices, pressed "delete" to clear the textbox to put in a different number, and the game crashed. That crash was a shame. First time I managed to get my company profitable

Created a new topic Bugs?

At the very start of the game, I start with an office space of 1/4. This shows up in my monthly bill as $3k taxes / maintenance. If I click "Upgrade" and lower it to a staff of 1, this becomes a monthly $2k with $1k in rent and $1k in taxes / maintenance. If I raise it back to 4 it will cost me $7k / month ($4k rent and $3k taxes / maintenant).

The server costs also seem completely out of control, especially with the limits on revenue. If my userbase exceeds my capacity, this shows up as a massive server cost that is several times larger than the revenue those users will bring. It makes no business sense at all to spend $20k / month on servers for customers that will bring $4k / month in revenue. I couldn't even unclick the button for "Increase Userbase"