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Listen you thief. Bad enough you're uploading the same game, illegally, onto the same platform as the legal version. But to top it off you're also using our server. 

Take it down or bear the consequences.

No, this is there to stay. Issues shall be fixed when reported and properly analyzed, but the system will stay :) 

:'D Horribly misplaced android joypad, isn't it...

Mapping, as in building a landscape out of given assets as trees, bushes, rocks, adding hills, valleys, rivers, ponds, whatever the landscape requires. Usually done with Unity's terrain editor (in lif's case).

As for 2D stuff; very specific side views of animals. Like, head to tail side-view, wings usually top-down when spread, stuff like that :) 

Depends on your skillset ~ if you're into 2d or 3d art, or mapping, that's where projects often get stuck.

I shall put the link in our discord :D Thanks for your effort.

No virus. Why would there be a virus? o.O About the goodness; you will have to judge for yourself :) 
I liked it when it was most active, still liking it today.

Yeh, likely. Quite likely. The game's old after all, maybe it was still cpu dependent back then - or maybe I'm all wrong and it's just a missing call to the time between two frames.

People can pay for the game if they want. The fact they don't means they'll be the first to complain if it was a paid game. The fact *you* didn't so far makes your statement void. 

Advertisement costs money and even if it didn't, it'd cost time and effort. Not worth the trouble until the game's ready, mr "All I can do is throw stuff back at people"

Update is coming when update is stable. Unless you prefer a version with bugs that happen at the worst possible time. Testing takes ages especially with people having an actual life aside from Flab3. Also, unpaid people. Keep that in mind, might be important later.

Not proud of the lack of players in flab3, idk where you take that assumption from. The server's running on our (that is, a couple of people) money and my maintenance efforts, I'm unhappy with it being so underused. Can't be helped until the game's a little more stable. No use advertising a game that's unstable. Oh, did I mention the people working on this ain't paid for it? Think I did. 

About Gameflare: It's their responsibility getting multiplayer to run on webgl. They asked for the source, they got the source, they went for WebGL which is incompatible with the included networking plugin. People can always go ahead and download our version instead if they want a working multiplayer mode. 

Slow mode is there because *certain* users thought spamming was fun as hell. People can still post, in case you didn't notice. 

Also, don't demand sensible answers when your whole text is one big rant, mr "I don't have a username". 

There's plans to replace the old models - the newer ones have somewhat more detailed animations but there's some missing. Plus, right now Flab3 needs full attention so it'll be a while until lif gets an overhaul. But it's added to the list :)

Yup. Bug. Fixed bug in the next update though.

Yeh.. it's a known bug, but thanks for reporting :)

Thanks for the kind words :)
We're doing our best. Keep in mind there's gonna be an update soon,
changing some stuff. What doesn't work now might be just fine next version.

Already fixed in the coming update (which is being re-tested due to security measures having been added and stuff tends to break with big changes) - but you're right, it was about the "hitboxes".

Planning to :) Depends on what assets we get our hands on though.
For a lack of modeller, we're buying stuff so we need to see what we can get
in order to add new species.

Should work, yes. But make sure your graphics card's drivers are up to date.
Also, if the same card is from 20 years ago, this might cause issues. Other than that,
it should work. :)

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@The little dramaqueen posting idle threats and insults just because you don't get what you want (whatever that is) :

Bite me. Update's going to come and you're not going to stop it. 

If anything, now more than ever. 

Unity Webplayer was a lot easier to deal with. Also supported the networking plugin the game uses.

Because Chrome killed Unity Webplayer and HTML5 is too unreliable for multiplayer.

It's your graphics card. That's not normal, not at all. Try with updated drivers and most of all, make sure it does run on the correct GPU.

What? o.O Sorry, but even google translate didn't help.


Hmm.. it's far from intuitive, especially for seasoned gamers. 
Also tends to be prone to accidents.

What old controls? 

Also, old shader doesn't work anymore.

Won't be on google play, sorry. Too many requirements.

No players, no google play, sorry. If you want players, invite your friends :)

Not at this point, I'm afraid. Sorry.

Let them speak ill. If it's helping their underdeveloped ego...
It's not as if I could keep them from doing so. If they don't like the game as it evolves,
they're free to leave.

I shall keep watch :) Thanks for informing me!

Just.. go in multiplayer? Seriously. xD

Just.. click the download button? 

Multiplayer works but people are hesistant to download the update.

That's because there's few players right now as it seems.
This problem won't be fixed by providing the old version - the more get the update the better.
If there's no reason to get the update, why would they? :o

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For the MacOS users:
- Right now there won't be a specific mac version.
- There might be android emulators for mac.
- You might get lucky and be able to play the game this way.

Because security on macOS is a nightmare. Until I find a solution to that, the mac release will be .. delayed.

Yeah. Update isn't up yet :) Sorry.

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You seem to think the sounds are the only thing happening ~ Well, who am I to destroy that illusion.

About the pics; That's your personal opinion. Who am I to deny you that.
Know mine? You sir, have the bad habit of thinking your view is absolute. Others might think differently. Your choice of words tells me you think it *is* just as you say; which isn't neccessarily the case. 

If you're that hellbent on being right in real-life too, I wish you have very tolerant friends. Though I tend to think there may be very few; one so frustrated might take it out on others too. 

Thank you for your feedback.

I will have to let you know that lif wasn't changed at all.
Same goes for Fly Like A Bird 3, most models and animations are fully untouched and
are just about the same as the old games.

As for your personal-grade insult; What's your problem? Got your ass handed to you last night?