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Yeh, hasn't been updated to use the newer networking yet.

Most likely wait for a bit. We are restructuring the site and games right now :)

Have you tried the other ctrl? Left Alt? I'm not 100% sure about the controls as it has been a few months since I released this particular version.

Yeah, right now the website is under intense reconstruction.

Re: Gamevial
- Well, Unity Web Player stopped working when Google and Mozilla decided to kill off what was needed for it to run in browsers.
Flash died too, which added up to 2/3 of GVs games not working anymore. With piracy culling their income from advertisement and comparatively low sales on steam, it really was only a matter of time, sadly. 

No. They're online.

The http:// before the actual link is of dire importance. Websocket seems to dislike https:// which is usually automatically added.

Also, nope.. not a single cent :'D though it'd be nice to see some more players in there

All it takes is a reboot and that's what I did. Sorry for the inconvenience :) 

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Yeah, server went absolutely offline *again* .. forced updates and stuff.
Thought I got it fixed but nooo.. gotta love Microsoft for constantly applying what they perceive to be important stuff. 

Doesn't seem to be a server-side issue though.
There is recent logins on our logs, so it must be reachable.
Might be a firewall-thing on your side.

That's where the newer version is at. 

WebGL makes it more accessible for all platforms. 
A download launcher requires platform specific compilation which doesn't only eat a lot more time 
but also tends to cause hard to fix bugs.

Definitely browser-only.  Makes it easier to keep things updated without having to use updaters.

Definitely. But right now we're working on LIF2 and with our team being reaaaally small it demands full attention.
But most of the source already stands and all that's left is some cruel debugging. 

Might be a firewall issue. The server is alright.

Rarely. Sadly.

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The piracy warning usually comes whenever you try to play the game on a non-licensed site. We do not condone them using our stuff for profit. Avoid their site (and better not bookmark the link either). 

Two screens?

:) Thanks. Always encouraging to see that some people still appreciate it.

Can't. Lack of PHP files.

I don't think that's a good idea.

First off, we ain't allowed to give away the server's license file. You'd be able to host about 20 players top
Secondly, we don't do that on general principle. 
Thirdly, and that's the important part; if you want to donate, you can do so without asking for our server files xD

App store? I don't think it will. Lack of proper equipment, so to say (we have no macs to compile it in a safe way).
Also, mobile requires double the maintenance - rather unlikely, sorry :'(

Sorry, no android version in the works right now; multiplayer *should* work though. With it being devoid of players at the moment, it probably doesn't look like it. 

There won't be another android version in the foreseeable future. Sorry.

Sadly no. We lack the php scripts that were with the original game.

Unsupported. We have absolutely no way of debugging stuff on that platform (believe it or not; sometimes there's actually platform-based bugs x.x) thus it was removed. There might be emulators tho.

Yeah, it's a misfire. Some antivirus think because it's encrypted it's gotta be a virus, trojan, worm.

No, the server's alright. You having connection issues?

Seems the server was offline for a bit (updates and stuff) 

Should be back online.

1. Arrows: Well, stuff is where you'd expect it. A bird doesn't know where the food is exactly. 
2. Day-Night System: What's wrong with it?
3. Finally, the unmodified version: None that would support multiplayer, sorry. We had to work with a somewhat broken source to begin with. With every fix more stuff went buggy. The result is the current version of the game.

Same here.. It's easy to find, but requires people who look for it ^^°

The light went haywire again. Weird enough, worked for a while
Being looked into.

Yeah, good old times.. word of mouth didn't spread as far as expected. 
The game's been sitting here for awhile now.

There's few players these days, that's the problem.

Yeh, since lots changed, lots needs to be re-checked if it still works properly on android.

Nyahaha.. :D Awesome. Good thing it worked out for you.

Might be in the spam folder (some services tend to categorize contabo as spam, idk why that is).
Or might be a little late, that email. Sometimes mailservers are incredibly slow. The account was created 
and waits for verification; there was no error message either. It's gotta be there somewhere, unless
deletes certain mails by default. 

Did you try a different provider, just for good measure? 

Did send the mail manually though, just in case.

Ah, now I get it. :o Weird enough, since it's the same script - oh well, maybe some variable got reset somewhere. Shall see. Thanks again!

So it doesn't work altogether o.O? Or just the transition?