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App store? I don't think it will. Lack of proper equipment, so to say (we have no macs to compile it in a safe way).
Also, mobile requires double the maintenance - rather unlikely, sorry :'(

Sorry, no android version in the works right now; multiplayer *should* work though. With it being devoid of players at the moment, it probably doesn't look like it. 

There won't be another android version in the foreseeable future. Sorry.

Sadly no. We lack the php scripts that were with the original game.

Unsupported. We have absolutely no way of debugging stuff on that platform (believe it or not; sometimes there's actually platform-based bugs x.x) thus it was removed. There might be emulators tho.

Yeah, it's a misfire. Some antivirus think because it's encrypted it's gotta be a virus, trojan, worm.

No, the server's alright. You having connection issues?

Seems the server was offline for a bit (updates and stuff) 

Should be back online.

1. Arrows: Well, stuff is where you'd expect it. A bird doesn't know where the food is exactly. 
2. Day-Night System: What's wrong with it?
3. Finally, the unmodified version: None that would support multiplayer, sorry. We had to work with a somewhat broken source to begin with. With every fix more stuff went buggy. The result is the current version of the game.

Same here.. It's easy to find, but requires people who look for it ^^°

The light went haywire again. Weird enough, worked for a while
Being looked into.

Yeah, good old times.. word of mouth didn't spread as far as expected. 
The game's been sitting here for awhile now.

There's few players these days, that's the problem.

Yeh, since lots changed, lots needs to be re-checked if it still works properly on android.

Nyahaha.. :D Awesome. Good thing it worked out for you.

Might be in the spam folder (some services tend to categorize contabo as spam, idk why that is).
Or might be a little late, that email. Sometimes mailservers are incredibly slow. The account was created 
and waits for verification; there was no error message either. It's gotta be there somewhere, unless
deletes certain mails by default. 

Did you try a different provider, just for good measure? 

Did send the mail manually though, just in case.

Ah, now I get it. :o Weird enough, since it's the same script - oh well, maybe some variable got reset somewhere. Shall see. Thanks again!

So it doesn't work altogether o.O? Or just the transition? 

Hi there!

1. So the swan is definitely bugged.. added to the list, thanks for reporting :)!

2. It's not exactly a bug that the nest isn't sloped on sloped surfaces; it would look extremely strange if the egg aligned to the surface as well; though it probably should just refuse to build the nest there. Shall see about it. Thank you!

3. Idk what's wrong with the day-night cycle though; how exactly is it "out of whack"?

Unlikely they will, sorry.. no source, no game :( 

Well, by telling others~ Joining is as simple as logging in.

Welcome back then :)
Let me know if there's any issues.

Server IP is:
Please see if using this one fixes the issue :) 

Question is; did you receive that one?

Ah. Sent you an email to the email address you used.
Received no error message; then again, idk if your provider even returns error messages

What's your username then?

Valid email address?
If yes, Spam folder?
If not there, tried a different provider?

Both username and password are case-sensitive. 

Everyone can join at any time. There's no restriction (unlike the old flab) for each room.

Yes, there's a new bird

Invite other players to join the game. 

Yeh, multiplayer works. I don't know why there's no bins; last time I checked, they were there and working. 

Don't go bawling your eyes out if they refuse you the admin role. You may not be the victim in that case.

re: Unlockables 
- This was actually debated a while ago - people didn't really like the idea though. 

re: Quests
- Would require more gameplay first, in order to have a broad variety of quests.

re: Currency
- Nah, too mainstream :) 

re: Graphics
- Planned

re: Pedestrians
- Yeh, I agree, but for the lack of a proper modeller we need to buy assets in order to replace old stuff.
What's available is mostly low-poly, which would seriously conflict with the graphic style of the game.

Thanks for the suggestions though :D

The game's perfectly playable. 

Yeh, seems like the system broke (and the bug somehow evaded our debug squad) ..
Working on a replacement 

I manually activated your account after verifying there's no error coming back
Will look into this.. seems weird. 

You may need to enter the exact code, including c-

No, this is there to stay. Issues shall be fixed when reported and properly analyzed, but the system will stay :) 

:'D Horribly misplaced android joypad, isn't it...