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Only on Snowscape?

Kinda. Thing is, when I do the network tests it usually works like a charm. Whenever someone else tries, it's..... not reliably stable.

Like, no message that either joined? 

Yeh, it's incredibly sad. The game just sits there waiting and nobody comes.

I think so. I know for a fact spirits can't cross bodies of water, don't know about dragon though :) Sound pretty intentional.

When the game stops breaking left and right, my workload eases a little and altogether there's some more time for stuff :)
Not soon, that pigeon model will be amongst the replaced objects cause it was made by a person who left our team pretty
dramatically. So yeh.. 

Yeh, it's likely to be buggy at this point. Haven't gotten around to fix the references and variables that lost their values when the game was decompiled.

Nope. No access to the game source itself. Only some sweet, sweet dll editing.

Try one of the others then. 

I think I did post there somewhen, announcing where to find the multiplayer version
Either people didn't believe it or didn't read. If they didn't read, how's one supposed to get information into their brains? :'D

Just click play

Why're you refreshing? 

Often it helps to force-refresh the site using CTRL + R. If it doesn't work on first try, usually second or third does the trick. Give it some time between and see if that helps. Good luck!

What browser do you use?
We successfully tested Opera, Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

"I want to ask a question. How to play multiplayer mode? I see only the play button, and then there is only one mode. Page reloaded but did not help."

Play is multiplayer mode.

Takes resources we don't have. Neither for the sound files nor the textures for the egg. Also takes time and money to acquire these.

The game already has multiplayer mode. If you still see a singleplayer mode button, you'll need to refresh the page.

Like, diving at them? :) 

Probably not adding much new stuff. Thing is, when *anything* at all is added, the game often does some really unreasonable things or break in places you wouldn't expect it to. Pretty weird. Not all makes sense.
What feature would be on your mind? 

It was never in *this* particular version to begin with.
Thus it was never "deleted" rather than "not implemented yet". 

What you see is based on the stable version of lif, not the steam edition.

Why, thank you! :) All it needs is some blood though. Few players at the same time right now.

May take just another while cause the new models can't fold their wings properly x.x 
Let's hope the new species' models do a better job at that

Hrm. Last time I checked multiplayer webgl worked on mobile too.
Chances are tho the server was messing around again. 

Especially the pigeon model is gonna be replaced because the person who made it left with a pretty dramatic exit.
I've made sure tho that all models get replaced by better-looking ones. All but starling, but there's a lot new birds too.

Thinking of replacing the buildings in cityscape for a better general look but that's lower priority :)

Nah, you don't. WebGL should work on all OS's anyway.
You'd have to download updates in any case, the standalone build wouldn't be any different than the webgl one either.
So why did you need a download? :D 

1. Yeh, it's about the end of the downloadable era, at least for flab3. Reason for that is that it eats quite some time to compile for several platforms. Got to thank Unity for that; if it could deploy to all of them at the same time it'd be harshly different. But since the game often unexpectedly breaks and needs hotfixes, it's easier to maintain a webGL build. 

2. Multiplayer-only, that is. Because singleplayer mode was a) broken as heck and b) basically pointless, since there were no more NPC than are in current Multiplayer. Was thinking of an offline-mode though. 

You do that. Have a nice day.

So you say it has shader issues on all maps but cityscape? 

It won't be for download anymore. First of all, instead of 1 release, we'd have 4. That's 4 times the compile time, 4 times the debugging, 4 times the trouble. So no. 

Working on it. Got a few new models already; problem is their idle and walk animations are horrible.
So these need to be fixed before anything.

Maybe :P Wouldn't see a reason why though.. especially nests would only look uglier if I changed them (seriously)
Chick maybe.

1. Ground disappears? Like, fully? Or just the pavement
2. Removed again? Whut?

For the simple reason of compiling only one platform that works on all.
Android doesn't comply (of course) but that's being worked on. It does work on most browsers tho.

Why would you want to download it anyway?

Probably because the model itself is kinda messed up. There are plans to replace them tho :) 

Yeh, seems the webgl version is a little unreliable on android so far
Let's get it stable first, then see about the mobile part :D

... Oh great. Now they're actually gone, not just "not-working". Damn. :'D

:D what's the problem on android? 
May need that information in order to fix it.


Well, Linux was an utterly rarely downloaded version.
Thing is; Flab3 made some progress with WebGL; We'll probably upgrade LIF to WebGL too :P

When that's done, it'll be back.

They've been back forever now. o.O Lots of updates before this one, one of the first containing the birds once again.

(1 edit)

1) Makes sense o.o 

2) That's the question.. is it really 'not effective'? As far as I know, some medications worsen the sickness slightly before kicking in. Especially if it's a test medicine that does stuff to the chemical balance in the brain. Overdosing might tip the balance in the other direction, not for the better though. :D Theoretically spoken, not sure if it's correct, you may know better than me. But especially overdosing anti-psychotics can actually kill a person, from what I've heard.
What if these demons are the progressing poisoning and the "bad" end is the end result (permanent brain damage)?
It's a test medicine; the actual dose may be too high to begin with. Or too low - some stuff does weird things with your body if it's low-dosed. Another idea is that the demons "want" to avoid getting "killed" by the drug - thus it'd be effective to a degree, but just not enough o.o Which'd make you right again. So much room for interpretation :D 

3) Up to a point, painting seemed to have helped that patient though. He/she depends on it immediately to "calm themselves". Otherwise the demons would've won long ago. Right? Idk much about Schizophrenia, but can it actually worsen to this point? Other than the drug causing it to basically explode into the patient's face. I mean.. somehow it all goes downhill after the pills are taken repeatedly. 

4) Oh dear, maybe mobbing at school? Thus that labyrinth thing with *lots* of them around? 

:D Also, if you're not the dev, who is? Always thought people could only upload their own stuff on here.. Heh, sorry for being a pest :D