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thanks for your feedback, appreciate it!

That's really amazing to hear you played on new years with your friends! I'm really glad you enjoyed it :)

The cooldown timer is a new mechanic to slow down the bombs and I totally understand the annoyance, it's not fun when you fail and have to wait.
In testing I found that the bombs were just better than anything and could be spammed to get high ground really quick, making climbing a bit pointless. As this is also being planned to be multiplayer it wouldn't be great to have unlimited bombs as players would be flying everywhere and really hard to catch.
In the future perhaps some powerups could make them better for short periods of time - I really appreciate your thoughts and feedback, thanks!!

:( this is sad news. Idiot Rory.

what happens when you try to run the game?

Thank you!
ledge twerk fixed :)

Hi Kat thank you so much for the feedback! 

I honestly didn't consider progress after dying - the gold booties where a last day decision to add more incentive for exploration but I think keeping progress after dying is good just for a demo. And ye I left the lil man dead after you kill him so people can practice jumping on his booty. A respawn might be good for people to practice smacking though. 

Really appreciate your thoughts, cheers!

Damn nice! Glad to see you've got the hang of it.

Thank you for your feedback Charred, I really appreciate it. Some gold booties need a combination of butt bombs and climbing to reach the higher places ;)

I'm sorry to hear these issues. I've only been able to test on my own devices and haven't come across these yet. These things are expected when I haven't been able to test publicly yet so I appreciate you letting me know.

There are some basic graphic settings in-game if you haven't adjusted those yet. Mind if I ask what specs your pc is running?