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This game is cool and promising, looking forward to see more content. Would definetly buy it once it's on Steam.

The only big flaw so far is the movement system. Onward-style trackpad movement is a handy and much less nauseating solution. It is also intuitive, allows to rapidly change the direction and speed of walking, and operate two-handed guns (I hope you do plan to add them later).


- Covers. Adding them will lower the difficulty, but in a good way.

- Explosive barrels as a cheap tactical addition.

- Lower rate of fire for pistols. Infinite ammo without a need to recharge is OK, but right now it's a superior weapon. Maybe make them overheat.

- Lower rate of fire but more damage for robots.

- Immediate respawn after death by pressing both triggers. The little delay is a little frustrating.

- Make projectiles smaller, but maybe long shaped. It would help with both dodging and adjusting fire.

- Boss fight. Even in this early stage it feels like a must in the end of the level.

- Various pipes would be a nice (and I assume, quick to made) decoration for the sewer level. Big vertical ones could act as columns to cover behind them.

- Mutant sewer rats. If you manage to catch one, you could use it instead of a burger.

- Spots where you could fall into the toxic waste and die horribly.