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I would assume that this is fine, considering that the host said that we can make a menu as an extra challenge. Navigating a menu and controlling a character are different actions, though both would use the same 2 buttons.

I send you a friend request (Rismosch#6827)

I am a single person indie game dev but this time I only want to make music. So if you need music, sound effects, or anything audio related for your game, hit me up!

I most commonly make very fast music (around 200 BPM) with Drum n Bass like beats and heavy use of synthesizers, but I made a bunch of lofi hiphop songs and chill beats too.

Reference this for the type of my music. For chill beats check this out.

I hope we can colaborate and good luck to all contenders :)

Ahh man don't be angry. I still put alot of work and passion into it. I spent like a total of 20 hours analysing the song, researching the samples and producing the song.


I thought the jam was about making music. I just realized that after a second guy uploaded his project. Fuck me I guess. Time is not enaugh to make a new game for this jam, so yeah.


the screenshot of the notes is the analysis of the babymetal song

the screenshot of the notes is the analysis of the babymetal song

It's cool to get actual criticism here.

For the longest time I am starved of criticism, many people just commenting "oh that's cool" or "man this sucks". I find criticism to be super important, because otherwise you are cought in this echochamber of mediocrity with no way to escape. Your comment is the first actual good criticism I've got on the internet, and I am very thankful for that :)

I definetely take what you said to heart and I will improve on that in my future projects!

Well I have been making music for quite a while now. I know a thing or two about music ;)

I am humbled

Wow this game is really well polished. This is very good for just 3 days of work.

Not if I beat it first ;)

The idea is very cool and I like the game. Though the grappling hook is a bit buggy. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes you fly far, sometimes you don't.

Boom Highscore :)

Was alot of fun. Great game!

There. I did it.


Do you need to use anything specific or can you use any DAW, instruments, synth, etc?

Judging from past jams, I assume quantity of ratings doesn't matter, only quality. Many top games from past gamejams had rather few ratings. I think some good ratings matter more than alot of bad ratings.

There is no AI. The enemy just walks towards the player.

Hmm, I am rather twisted on that. For almost a year now I've been trying to start developing my own game, but because of university and exams I never had time to actually do that. Now this gamejam lit a fire in me and I can't stop programming. I already dropped the ball on the game that I have made and I am working now on my dream game. And people just keep saying the things about my game that I already know of. I am open to criticism, but I can't say the feedback I am getting now helps me in any way, because I know all that stuff already and I the game I am developing now is so different to than my last one. It's not the same genre, and neither is it's game engine.

I don't know, I am just not invested into my game anymore. My dream game is just so much more important to me.

I think once you have some ratings it doesn't help much to get more. I think quality of ratings matter more than quantity.

Thanks for playing. Sorry again that I couldn't play your game :(

Well if you didn't actually put that much effort into the level design, then you must have good intuiton on what makes a good level ;)

Well, I had it in my head that disabling the bullet collider was the only way to prevent this issue. But that had it's own problem: When the bullet has no collider, then it just straight up flies through the ground. I circumvented this issue by not only disabling the collider, but also by setting it's velocity constantly to 0 a5nd disabling the bullets gravity aswell.

And believe it or not, but this actually worked! But it had another problem though: I had to disable the collider when the velocity actually is 0. If I used a value near 0, it just suddenly stopps moving which looks very unnatural.

Fact is, my programming isn't elegant and I am pretty sure I used the worst possible solution there is. But the important thing is that we admit it and try to improve in the future :)

I am no artist so I used the most basic shapes. I focused more on the gameplay aspect than on the visual design. I am glad to hear that it has paid of :)

This depends on if you picked up the orange PowerUp or not. The orange PowerUp can still kill enemies, even when it is lying on the ground.

The normal white bullet can also sometimes kill enemies when lying on the ground, but this is because my programming is shit. The way I have programmed the enemy is, that when their collider overlaps with the collider of the bullet, the enemy kills himself. But this leaves an issue: When the bullet lies on the ground, the enemy can just walk into it and kill itself this way. I tried to solve that by removing the collider of the bullet once it's velocity is 0. On a rough level this works, as the bullet now can only kill enemies if it is actually moving. But on a fine level, it is not good enaugh. Sometimes the bullet lands on it's edge and tips over. This means the bullet is not standing still and it still has a tiny velocity, meaning the bullets collider will still be active and thus enemies will still die when touching it.

This problem was such a headache for me that I just implemented it as a feature for the orange PowerUp. Basically the collider of the orange PowerUp is always on, this means the orange bullet will always be able to kill enemies, if it is moving or not.

My mistake was that I had enaugh time to fix it, but didn't because I was too lazy. I uploaded the game 9 hours before the deadline (It says 11 now, because they delayed the deadline). It roughly worked, which was good for me at the time. Next time I need to be more precise with my programming.

Here's my game:

I'm gonna comment on your game aswell.

Ah I see. In your next game make sure to set clear goals. Don't implement different ways to finnish a level. Only use one solution and work with that.


Wait, you win by finnish building the ship? I didn't know that. I previously didn't have enaugh time to figure that one out.

Very well made game. Good idea. Good execution. The visuals and audio are also great, but they don't influence my rating. The game design is already superb which is more than enaugh, and the art just adds the cherry ontop.

Very cool game. Full rating on everything.

But the music, damn what did you use that sounds this broken?

This game is very cool. Good idea. Difficult and fun to play. However I have one gripe: Level 5 is straight up unfair. There is no indication that you have to go down and yo get punished for going up. This is really unfair and unfun.

The controls were a bit clunky, but besides that the idea is good and the rest of the execution is superb. I really liked it!

This is really really good. The true strength of this game lies in it's level design. I've played a few games already with simple controls due to only one button. But actually having interesting and fun levels despite the simple controls just elevates the gameplay immensely. Good job mate!

The idea is good, but it doesn't fell that fun to play. It never seems to increase in difficulty. The stamina is pointless since you can already move really fast. Basically what I am tring to say is that the balancing is off.

The idea is cool. But I wish the controls would've been snappier. The game plays very slow. But that can be improved on, so I say you did a very good job.

Very cool idea. But also superb execution. It was difficult to play, but I think that's the hole point :)