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Oops, sorry! i thought i edited as i wrote the change log for build 3.2 or w e. But i didn't, its changed now though, thanks for letting me know :)

Hmm, doesnt seem to work :/

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This is my first real solo game project im working on. It's called Factory 18 for now, and is about jumping and shooting your way through a factory filled with enemies and spikes. Dangerous hazards, so to speak.

How do i insert gifs or pictures? :/

The game has been in development on and off since mid-August this year.

I'm at the point where the main functionalities are in, such as controls, platforming, enemy-AI / behaviour?, bosses and whatnot, I still need to implement some more environmental hazards, such as traps or rotating laser beams :D And the levels need an overhaul, or atleast some more implemented :)

I also have a playable build here on itch on my page: link to build (firefox required) which i would very much appreciate you tried out and gave feedback on! :)

So yea, that's it for now, i also have a more detailed devlog on tigsource where it all begun.

Follow me on twitter @Jalapenosbud for regular gifs and stream times :)

P.s all the edits are me trying to show a gif