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Putting a new comment bcz there wasnt an answer for my question in reddit of Valheim.

How can i combat "Freezing" when in the mountains? Is there an item to counter that or it doesnt exist?

Got my Longboat finally ;)

Now to sail the 7 seas and claim lands for Odin!

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how do i do that?

I found those "sites" with the 4 pillars.. but i dont know how to proceed... do i attract enemies and offer them as sacrifice?

After 80 hours or so of gameplay:

Gathering Wood... Check

Gathering Stone... Check

Make a settlement on a peninsula... Check

Adquire Copper... Check

Adquire Iron... Check

Longboat.... How do i make that O_O

PS. - Nice game, without a doubt if it appears on Steam gonna buy it :)