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I'm glad you liked it, Thank you! And thanks for the feedback. Ill try to put out a build that fixes those typos. I was also experimenting with an alternate mouse control scheme where you have to be less precise with the cursor movement. 

This was awesome. I really dig the black and white style. Good work!

Thank you for the feedback. I'll look into tweaking the colors and make the floors more distinct from one another if I ever get around to doing a post-jam build. 

The pixel art is really well done. Very fun, but also very difficult.

Really solid visuals and overall asthetic. I like the main mechanic but it can be difficult to gauge how slow my drill will be move based on just how long I hold the button. 

I really dig the aesthetic and the game feel. Throwing the axe is really satisfying. One thing that would be nice is a bit more clarity at the start. It took me a while to understand what was going on necessarily, especially when it came to how to pass through each room (it took a bit to figure out I had to kill all the enemies in the room). I would have liked a bit more visibility around my character, especially after I throw the axe, just so I can still get a bit of my surroundings, but I understand that was part of the challenge. Overall though solid job. 

Thank you!

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it

I am working on a Unity web game, and I am trying to set up a simple leaderboard system. I am currently using an external server (dreamlo) to access highscore data, and it seems to work when I run it on my machine. However, when I upload it to, it cannot access the server. Is there a way to get this to work, or if accessing an external server from a webgame not supported by

Oh. it was probably because I was using my keyboard then.

This has really good game feel. Nice work!

Solid work! It's a simple, but addictive. One problem I encountered was that the controls were messed up on my computer. Instead of jump and slash being tied to a and x, it was q and z, which was a bit awkward. I also recommend allowing a full screen mode

This is so great! I love the concept and the lowpoly/pixelly artstyle is awesome.

One recommendation for a post-jam build would be to make global leaderboards. 

Nice game with a neat concept. The controls could be a little bit tighter (specifically with the combat) but its super good for a jam game, especially since this is your first one. Good work!

What's the problem?

Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Phase is a little puzzle game I originally made for Ludum Dare 37, and have been polishing up since then. It's a short spacial puzzle game that has you jumping between different dimensions to eventually get out of your room. Hope you guys enjoy and any feedback is welcome.