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Oh! Thank you so much for letting me know. I've used for a short while but most all replies and comment posts I've written on mobile, so I guess I can't use the rating system. Sorry, that must have made me seem inexperienced ;-; thank you for letting me know though!

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Games like these make me wish there was a rating system on, because I would easily give it a 5/5. Words cannot describe how quickly I became enthralled and interested. The gameplay was very unique to how usual RPG Horror games play, and the story was fantastic. The artwork was gorgeous, and the character development as well was to die for (well..I guess some characters did die for development.) 

Other RPG Horror games that I've played have commonly had a repeating theme, with similar characters and stories. I've played Misao and Mad Father and both were very similar (not to mention made by the same developer), and I couldn't even make it through Ib and Endroll which were others that had been recommended to me en masse. Purple, though, was a wonderfully new experience. I discovered it through the infamous robo-ahoge on tumblr (Thanks Mikey for the recommendation.) and I was absolutely in love within the first few minutes. Of course, I was STOKED for the LGBT representation as all of the main characters are LGBT; it was quite refreshing. I finished all of the endings in a span of 4 hours and when it was over I actually shed a tear or a few at the beautiful composition of this game. Fox has done a glorious job on this game and I am very much so anticipating Misanthropy and other games by them. Thank you for creating such a wonderful work!