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That's mean, that your libstdc++ package is outdated. Game was built in Ubuntu 14.04, as i remember.

Here is a little patch. You need to unzip it in game folder. There will appear Assets folder. It's must be in same folder, where is Assets.epk. I can't just update itch.io builds because currently game is in broken compatibility state. Sorry for that.


I'll try to investigate, but your videocard has strange behavior.

Probably your video card does not support some tech. Which videocard do you have? Try to update video drivers.  If no change, then can you provide me log.txt and native.txt? These files can be found in bin or net.bin folder. I'll check this out.

Are you using itch.io app? To fix that error you must install OpenAL from redist folder. Or you can download it here.

Yes. The game will be cheaper.

You can't buy the game until it's released at least in early access.

Replied to Dae in Hermodr comments

Just redownload.

And yes, I've seen your proposal. Development is not finished yet, but I saved your contacts. When it's ready to go I'll contact you and if the proposal will be still relevant, then we can do some work.

Replied to Tchey in Hermodr comments

Fixed. Was bug in mono5, downgraded to mono4.

Replied to Dae in Hermodr comments

Fixed. Was bug in mono5, downgraded to mono4.

Replied to Dae in Hermodr comments

3 levels. Ancient Crypt - 2 levels and boss. Does the game crashing on exit from the first level?

Replied to daeos in Hermodr comments

Sorry. Thanks for bugreport. Fixed now.

If you've already installed Visual Studio runtime, than you can just run NetLauncher.exe

Replied to Tchey in Hermodr comments

Thank you. I'll try to find the reason.

Replied to Tchey in Hermodr comments

Hi. Can you provide me a logs? They can be found in bin folder. ./native.txt and ./log.txt. I'll check this out. I've tested it on Ubuntu 16.04LTS, and it was working well.  Weapons can be switched by mouse wheel too, but I see your point. Rebind of weapon selector buttons will be added a bit later.

Thanks, man. No Hermodr it's not russian word. It's scandinavian. Anglicized as Hermod. Hermodr the Brave, Son of Odin, yada yada yada.

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Actual level design with actual levels are barely possible for one-man-studio. But another attributes are carefully implemented. Various behavior of the enemies, health, armor and ammo management, weapons, which are useful in each playstyle and situation.