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this is buyable Adam, 

nice work

nice gfx

I like it

unusual, I liked the bird

old console feel, good fun

nice drawimg

thx, good little app

great fun

very impressed

good fun

fun blast

unusual game,

super cool gfx

nice gfx and colors

rally good stuff

I like it

Really good

looks like fun

interesting indeed, good visuals

nice animation

Nice gfx

this looks fun

nice colors and 3d feeliing

Quality app

I set about creating a game that was random and enjoyable as the old privateer games, but I'm old and don't like trigger twitching, so I made it turn based, the final version was so good I need to tell people, its not to be missed.

classic hard core wargames 2d turn-based

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its an aide to computer aided or tabletop RPGs, it maps for you, and proceduraly creates a city and dungeons, aswell as buldings, it has vampires werewolves and humans and treasure, you can add tiles and cards. you dice out with the build in dice roller the events that happen, there are counters and stat recorders to allow ease of play

wow :)

Hi would you like to play a 4x ww2 war game with nukes, well ive done two versions one with graphics, and one that's a text-based version 4x ww2 war with nukes Pc windows and MacOSX

I would really like someone to play it, as it was hard to create such a massive game

ok I've got 29 games all free, just choose what you want and download. screenshots and descriptions shown