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Kenny Jeffery

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Actually you are completely right.

Just wondering. Helps focus the idea :)

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Just published Rabit, a belated response to Paint Jam 2018 and James Earl Cox III's #SourGames Manifesto .

Free to play in browser so please head over and take a look.

All art by me in Microsoft Paint. All noises by me in my mouth. 

I've added the arrows as well WASD. Works a treat thank you!

That's absolutely amazing advice. Hey why not both ;) I'll apply that fix later this evening. Thanks for you help.

Changed to WASD :-)

Thanks. I was very particular about the palette. Thought as it was minimal colors were important. I did have arrow keys to move but they made the page scroll up and down so I changed to WASD.

Thanks for your feedback :) Didn't realise. I'll look at that straight away. Wanted to add in wave sounds but wasn't sure it was working. Will be something I revisit. Thanks again.

Oh no that's all. Minimal sound as well as minimal graphics.

That's great to know. Did you get the sound fx OK? Thanks for your kind words :)

Small minigame made in JavaScript for Minimalistic Jam 2. Collect the shells while avoiding the waves.


Thank you :)

Reading the rules I thought the resolution would be one pixel no matter what size that pixel is. Am I right as looking through submissions there are cool games all shapes and sizes?

Hey i found appjs.com Not sure if the app.exe will work if you change the name and/or extension but will try later.