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Hi. Would it be possible to implement a blik payment method to It is a form of quick payment used in Poland and it's decently popular since it's safer and doesn't require writing all the card details.

Here's more info in english:

Treat this topic just as a suggestion, it would be cool to see it, but no pressure. It's also present  on Epic Store and GOG, but I'll agree that they are way bigger (Steam doesn't have it though).

Hi. I tried installing Oneshot through app on linux mint, but it didn't want to start. The other 7 games worked fine so it's possible that there's something wrong with this one.
The error it gives: "no manager for installer unknown". I don't know what is causing it, but searching for it gives few results of different games also having this error.

Hi. Just installed the app on linux and wanted to filter the games to show only linux compatible but haven't found the option. For example on Steam you can press the penguin button to only show linux games and then you can sort them in whatever way possible. Would it be possible to add it here?