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Loved the game, thank you so much for making this, you really don't know how long I've been waiting to get another shot at this. I did have some things go kinda.....wrong tho. Figured I would leave a comment to let you know. 

I didn't have the first hallway encounter where Lisa is standing under the lamp, the lamp was just off and the door open.

In the balcony encounter Lisa was standing waaaaaay back so it was hard to see her, where in the original she was right up against the railing.

Lisa didn't appear in the mirror, but the loop progressed like she had.

I didn't get the bathroom door scare, it just sort of closed without her showing up.

I didn't get the "look behind you" dialogue on the radio, although this could just be me moving too quickly.

I didn't get the window encounter.

Beyond that, she never rushed at me like she did in the original.

I did find all the pieces of the picture in one loop, if that affects anything. But through the whole thing I didn't get attacked at all save for the one time I did intentionally to see the animation (great work there.)

Just thought I'd let you know how my experience was, and that I really appreciate all the work you went through to give us another chance at this classic. 

Thanks again!