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a little problem that I have with the phone version: some of the buttons are so small, that I often miss them, this most often occurs when voting, because of the size of the kick button, I could just have fat fingers, but I don't think that's it, also, why isn't the PC version free like on mobile?

edit: I didn't realise I was voting on the wrong thing, my bad

gimme more of this

would be nice to have controller support, also ridlle 1 is really vague

ok i really like this game and i think that you would be able to greatly expand it

really fun but a third heart would be appretiated

can you add sounds to the monsters? the fact that you dont hear them makes the game much harder. other than that its cool

this game really needs music

ehm i am playing on win xp and i have no problems outside of occasional frame drops and graphical glitches wher when im outside every single entity including me gets kinda chopped up and the roads are just black