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I had such a blast playing the update, so much awesomeness has been added!

I had too much fun making a new video out of it! haha.

Haha, it's better for the hype buildup. 👍 I bet your game will crush those stats once it starts being seen. Can't wait to upload my lets play on it! It was way too awesome!

So excited to make another video on the new update!

Hey, by the way, I just checked the source code on the steam page and found that the app id doesn't match the app id in the url. I noticed they do match for all of the other pages. Not sure if that is helpful.:

//<a href="" data-ds-appid="615960" onmouseover="GameHover( //this, event, 'global_hover', {&quot;type&quot;:&quot;app&quot;,&quot;id&quot;:615960,&quot;public&quot;:1,&quot;v6&quot;:1} );" //onmouseout="HideGameHover( this, event, 'global_hover' )" class="search_result_row ds_collapse_flag app_impression_tracked">

"but the game is unplayable."
Are we playing the same game?

It sounds like you want an easy mode- he's working on that. So, you should keep posted for that.

Haha, my pleasure! I had a blast making the video. Ohhhh, so that's their sweet spot- got it! Haha, so awesome, I can't wait to try it out! I loved the Wolfenstein vibe, and how you at the same time created something original with a lot of charm. Funny enough though, I remembered playing halo 1's multiplayer on like that prisoner map during my play through. It'd be way cool being able to play this with basic pvp! haha. Thanks for the awesome game, can't wait to try out the update!

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I did lol

One of my favorite vr games, honestly it is