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So many story arcs! I'm not even halfway through them all .. 

The map is simply great.

Matt has taken another interesting topic and presented it in an accessible (but not dumbed down) way. You'll be looking at a range of art forms and the girls really do dial things up! The tone stays light-hearted even if the topic sometimes becomes quite serious.

I have played this visual novel and I'm still chuckling when I think about it. It really is very funny! A lot of visual novels strain for humour, but the author of MTwDD v1 has a natural, easy-going humour that is crucial not only for keeping you invested in the characters but also as an important "brake" for the more contentious, explicit scenes. I obviously can't say much here - because: spoilers - but there is one "shocking" scene which truly turns everything around. 

I also liked that in the process of watching I actually learned quite a bit about film as a medium and film history. There is a Professor Talks extra section that is a bit of an eye opener - a good read if you're into movies.

The description provided is very accurate - this is exactly what you're getting. Dee Dee is voiced very nicely. Unlike many visual novels, where lots of endings are just meh or variations of each other, here the endings are really distinct and totally different. Also: there are no gaping plot holes here; it's solidly constructed.

I knew very little about erotic thrillers going into this VN - but to my surprise I now feel rather like an expert on the topic! :-)