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Oh god my head came off! Very cool and so slick!

No worries at all. I'm still getting used to using itchio myself so I totally get it. And of course life and that ever-present rent factor is alsways breathing down my neck as well :)

Thank you so much! Getting to that ending gave me such headaches as the deadline approached. I admit that at the start it was totally just going to be about someone getting eaten. Then  as I wrote it kind of just took on a life of its own. The fact that you found it mysterious and ambiguous makes me so happy!

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The font thing could be because it is an unusual one. I think it defaults to a certain font if the one you used isn't a standard font that most people have. Read something like that somewhere a while back. Might be wrong of course!

Good idea! I'll be waiting to see what you do with it. And goodluck with the votes!

First of all... Dodocan is awesome! I totally understand. We did a jam too and ran out of time. It always feels like there's more time... and then it's gone. I enjoyed the dialogue but I think it could be pushed even further. At first I didn't realise that I had to press a button to get dodocan to return and I was imagining him (her? who knows) slacking off somewhere which made me laugh as well. 

Thanks for responding and you can add another dodocan fan to the list :)

Awesome! Would love to see what you do with this.

I enjoyed the little musings of the character and the art. I also think it works as a metaphor. Wish there had been a second set of dialogue and I was half expecting things to get weeeeird in the basement. But that's probably because there were so many papers! Enjoyed it thanks :)

This is all kinds of fantastic. The writing is so polished and just beautiful. Lines like, "She would smile, but it never reached her eyes", and all the other little snippets really pulled me in. I really hope you take this further :)

Really enjoyed this! That character animation is so fluid and the atmosphere is fantastic. Easy to get sucked in. 

I really enjoyed this. Are you going to take it further?

oh yeah and that er... bird...thing... is a rad character!

I enjoyed the prototype overall. Are you going to expand on the dialogue later? i think it could be great if it had a sort of Disgaea humour to it. Just a note. The sound isn't in stereo right now. 

Rad! I'll definitely be looking forward to that. 

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The chaos!! Loved just blasting everything to bits and stage two was amazing. Also the line, "Don't think of them as children think of any of them as the bastard that will put a bullet in you further down the road" had me in stitches xD

This is so much fun! I love just piling on the archers and watching them pummel the heroes :D Also... the mage is badass!

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I really enjoyed the premise. I think this could be great if you went on with it. Trevor waiting for breakfast that Steve is making but he has to constantly fly out or something to go save someone. So Trevor just sits and watches as the toast burns and wonders how Steve can be so super as a hero but so useless in other ways xD

I love it when a zombie drinks a potion! Pure panic the first time it happens xD