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I'm terrible at RTS but the visual concept was super cool, especially opening with the palette customisation!

I was a little confused by how to target trees and the cost of new structures but directing units and watching them totter across the 'board' to attack enemies was very satisfying.

The world you've created is really distinct and I love the idea of a kid using a toy as the core mechanic so I think it'd be great to lean further into that. 

The player movement was a little floaty which made platforming awkward at times but I wanted to keep going to see what wild bubblegum fantasy was around the corner!

This looks incredible with a consistent aesthetic and lots of funny details.

I think the premise is particularly novel although it did feel a bit simple mechanically, the tasks themselves might benefit from some type of minigame that increase in difficulty day to day or perhaps some daily events that the player has to deal with.

Keep it up!

Bold visual choice with a solid selection of mechanics but hard as hell!

Oddly, I had a much better time with the later levels as the variety of spaces and mechanics allowed a little more leeway, whereas I struggled to nail the wallrun and precision shooting earlier.

I think the grapple and shooting at the same time has particular potential although probably needs some sort of winch functionality to make it a bit more friendly as I often found myself stuck hanging.

What a bizarre experience, in a good way!

I love the art and little details like the volume sock. The switching was a good surprise and kept me invested however I would have liked a little more carry over between the genres or some sort of justification.

Either way, amazing work in such a short time.

Delightful theming, solid mechanics and a variety of different levels to put them to the test!

I was a little confused by the meat as a collectible and if there was any real benefit in doing so but it fit the tone and genre. 

I've no idea how you made so many assets in so little time!

Super robust, cleverly designed and particularly well scoped! 

I really enjoyed trying different weapons against different bosses and offering one of the three attacks as powerups is a great idea. 

I did find the red staff a little overpowered compared to the sword and bow, particularly because it allows continuous DPS when used correctly, and I would have liked a reminder of the three power-ups before selecting them but excellent work nonetheless.

I'd also be remiss if I didn't commend the overall looping structure and distinct music for each encounter!