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Yep, it's currently available on Steam and Switch:

Thanks! It launches on Thursday. You can set the game to Windowed mode by pressing Escape and heading to the Graphics Settings.

I've updated the demo to support Linux :)

Hey, you can download the latest demo now which supports Linux

Hey, I've just uploaded the latest demo if you'd like to try it

Yes, I've updated the demo now, including Mac support

Glad you enjoyed it - I'm sorry the resolution caused a problem. In the full game, the resolution is automatically selected to fit your screen size :)

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The full game is for Windows, Mac and Linux 👍

Thanks dude! Rest assured there will be a selection of shorter levels in the full game, along with the opportunity to increase maximum health. Keep an eye out for it later this year!

This is fixed in the full version of the game :)

Hi Yancolt, the demo is only available for Windows, but the full game will be released across Windows, Mac and Linux

Thanks for finding this :)

Thanks so much for enjoying the game and the super cute video artwork! Please remember that I can only make this game by getting funded on Kickstarter, so make sure you check it out and share it with friends who may like it!

Thanks Mikey, so glad you liked it!

Please do share the Kickstarter with others who might like it too!

Thanks Slade! The breakable walls are a subtle different colour, but they need to be way more obvious! I'll make some mud pop up where the moles are about to emerge, too.

Please check out the Kickstarter and share it with those who may like it:

Thanks KisMax! Just remember there won't be a release unless it gets funded, so spread the word!

Yep! Same with when he's in the water. I simply ran out of time for that before kickstarter. It will look better in the full game.

Thanks TinyGoose! I definitely want to redesign the health pickup and the feathers. I simply haven't planned what design they will have, so left them as gems for now. Perhaps added special effects on the interface will help identify when health is added.

The Phoenix Tear perk is especially subtle when it is auto-activated. This needs a bit of work to show that the perk has been consumed.

Thanks! The full game will certainly have button mapping functionality. Please remember this game will only be made if it gets funded on Kickstarter, so share it with your friends now to maximise awareness :)

Thanks! Please do check by the Kickstarter page as the full version won't exist unless it gets funded!

Thanks zorochase! Please share the Kickstarter with everyone you think will like it, so we can make this game a reality!