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Pixel Frog

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hehe, I added it not too much ago :)

Thanks for those kind words :D

Yes you can :D

Thanks, enjoy it :D

You are welcome, have fun :D

How will you like them to be ??

Hi, this is the link

and this is the password: rafman

Thank you, have fun :D

Hehe, good job :D

haha, I enjoyed playing this, really fun, good job :D

Да, его можно использовать для коммерческих проектов. У меня нет запланированной скидки на данный момент.

Только анимация

I will, hehe, thanks :D

Thanks :)

I'm glad you are having fun, of course, you can use the assets in any way you want :D

Sure, you can make a mobile game, and the license that it has, let you do any modifications, have fun !!

You are welcome, have fun !!

Congratulations !!, really good to be your first project on Godot.
I love the sounds ;)
Tip: Try next time to add a better "Game Feel". For example, when the King attack a Pig, throw the pig to the air to show that the attack is powerful and make some screen shake a little bit. The same thing when the bomb hits you. This type of things are easy to implement and makes the game more fun to play :D
Good Job !!

Thanks for using it :D

Hi, I'm not available at the moment, I will post something on Twitter when I'm open again :

You are welcome :D

хе-хе, спасибо большое :D

I'm planning to add around 50 pack for this "pirate series" (enemies, main characters, levels, items, objects, GUI, NPC, bosses)

The Discord server is no longer supported

And I'm glad you like it, thanks :D

Hey, you put a lot of effort there, good job: D

I just downloaded it...It works perfect, that's what I needed it...Thank you so much...Keep doing awesome stuff :D

Awesome. Thanks !!

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It is possible to increase the height of the HUE and Transparency bars ???
That will be awesome :D

I love it !! best theme so far :D

Here is a list of pixel art software...some of them are free...have fun :D

Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you are having fun with this :D

Thanks LVG Games ;)

Thanks :D

Good work @Babajyo nice mechanics, very original :D

Thanks !! Sure, you can use it for that, have fun :D

hehe, nice game, Thanks !!

hehe, great! have fun with it, any questions about it let me know in the chat :D