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This is looking awesome!

Hello! No other languages are planned. Sorry! 

For similar projects, Pico-8 offers normal Lua and TIC-80 offers (I believe) several languages to choose from. And there's also BASIC8, if you like BASIC. :)

Oh, I should also mention: You can see an example of how to set up a not-very-good song by loading the hello world cart.

Ah, apologies. I assume you mean this tab:

pattern editor

If so: the way this works is you can arrange existing SFX into patterns.

Use the little round buttons (like the one under the cursor in the screenshot) to turn a channel on or off for the current pattern (pattern zero, in this screenshot). 

Then, you can click the left and right arrows for that channel to select an SFX to play on it. 

As for the three toggles at the top: Loop start and loop stop allow you to create a a sequence of patterns. When a "loop stop" pattern finishes playing, the audio system will search backward to the nearest pattern with "loop start", and resume play there. If no such pattern is found, it will play from pattern zero. "Stop at end" tells the audio system not to play the next pattern when this one finishes.

Let me know if this clears things up, or if I've missed anything! :)

Thanks! :)

Welcome! I'm glad you like the project :)

Currently, PQ93 is very young, obscure, and prototypical, and needs a lot of polish and bug fixes. I haven't seen any PQ93 games posted anywhere.

For the Linux problems: I think my AppImage is borked. I have not had an opportunity to fix it yet. When I have an appropriate chunk of free time, I will attempt to fix the Linux build.

Currently I can make no promises about when that will be.


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What it says on the tin! :)  Written for fun! ~1400 LOC, C90 + OpenGL + Windows API, nothing fancy.

That's... really odd. I will check it out.

Hi! The default save directory is whatever SDL2 gives as an appropriate place, which may or may not vary by distro.  You should be able to use the 'folder' command in PQ93's shell to open the save directory in whatever program is the default for directories.

Please let me know if that doesn't work (and what happens)!

Hi! PQ93 currently only supports ASCII text. The assert is not actually mine; it's in the C runtime.

My bad for assuming chars outside the ASCII range would be sensibly cast, and not bothering to test that -- in any case, I will let you know when this is fixed.

Ideally I should just add proper UTF-8 support.

Thank you.

Yes! As soon as I have the time. :) 

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Oops! Taking a look, I see that I left my own config drive. -_- Apologies. That's what happens when one rushes.

The irony is PQ93 will create a folder in %APPDATA% by default...

Edit: fixed for future downloads!

Hey everyone, there is a new Windows build that provides these options. :) You can add these lines to your config.txt:

disable_animations = true
disable_startup_screen = true

Hey folks: a new Windows build is available now. The config issues should be fixed. I also left my config in there as an example, as well.

Please let me know if there is any more trouble. :)

There currently isn't any facility for game saves, no. My rationale for this at the time was that PQ93 is quite simple, and most games made with it will be simple enough not to need saves. However, even the simplest games have a hi-score screen traditionally, so I may need to rethink this.

It is possible to create "multicarts", as described in the manual: the 'merge' function allows you to load graphics, maps, etc. from another cart. However, there is currently *not* a way to split your code among multiple files (real or simulated).

You can edit your cartridge with any text editor, which helps somewhat with the "huge file in a crappy editor" problem.

Hi! Honestly, I'm not sure.

The web builds use Emscripten + SDL2, and I've thus far been unable to open the on-screen keyboard for typing code.

For playing games, I could add some touch buttons if the browser reports a mobile platform, but for this to work well I would need to accommodate the screen's aspect ratio properly -- conceptually a trivial problem, but resizing the JS canvas can be unreliable seemingly (and, in itch's case, the game is in a fixed-sized iframe anyway).

Thanks everyone! I've been working on PQ93 some this weekend, I'll have a bugfix release out as soon as possible.

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Hi! There isn't any publicly released Pi stuff at the moment.

Early on, there was actually a full build of everything for Raspberry Pi. At the time I had trouble getting the *one* SDL rendering call (to draw the screen) to work fast enough to make it viable. SDL on my Pi had no hardware acceleration and I couldn't seem to turn it on, and at the time I didn't want to get a framebuffer more directly.

In the future I may bring the Raspberry Pi stuff up to scratch and release it, but it's not currently available. Sorry!

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Hi! The input buttons don't correspond directly to the keyboard, sorry for the confusion.

 I should support this with a function called "key" or something, probably.

"btn" provides a, b, x, y, select, start, and directional buttons.

to check the arrow keys, you can do something like this:

if btn 'u'  -- up
  y -= 1
elseif btn 'd' -- down
  y += 1
elseif btn 'l' -- left
  x -= 1
elseif btn'r' -- right
  x += 1

Edit: Also! You can find the full input mapping for keyboard + controllers in the manual :) 

Hmmm it probably *is* something about my AppImage. I basically read how they work and construct one in a bash script. I haven't worked on this project recently, something I did may be deprecated now (or the mistake may not have affected me on my machine by luck).

Thank you both for letting me know, will get this fixed ASAP.

Cool projects! I love the faux 3D one. :) 

As stated, I will make this configurable (or just remove the animation) as soon as I have the free time. 

Sorry for the discomfort, though!

I know how unpleasant sensory things can be.

Hi! Would you mind to try running it again, and click the "Report..." button? It should give further info you can post here. :) 

Ah, that possibility did not occur to me! I will let you know when you are able to turn them off. :)

No, that will be my fault. :) If you could paste the core dump, that could be helpful, though!

It is only MoonScript, I'm afraid!

Hi! The manual provides some MoonScript examples, but yes — making games with PQ93 will require writing MoonScript. :) 

I should clarify: you can also just export your game directly as an html5 game and skip the native distribution steps, as well!

You could do that, yes! Anything you make with PQ93 is yours! :) And with the projectors, you can ship your game to people in a stand-alone way.
I would love a link to any cool stuff you make, though of course you aren't obligated to send me one! :) 

Ok, after taking an initial peek, I must confess: I cross-compiled the Windows builds with mingw in Linux, and tested them under wine, also in Linux.

It would seem the behavior of certain things differs under *real* Windows. I actually have a Windows environment these days, so I should be able to fix the problems.

But the wait will likely be until at least this weekend. Apologies!

Current Windows bug list:

  • config is busted.
  • unable to create temp files
    • boot sequence broken
  • 'folder' opens Documents instead of %APPDATA%/paq/pq93

To answer your earlier question: the config *should* be able to be placed in the pq93 directory in appdata *or* in the same directory as the exe. Either should work (next to the exe is portable, which is a desirable feature).

Hm... I haven't worked on PQ93 in a while. I will investigate this after work tonight! 

Hopefully it's a quick fix and I get back to you today. :)

And my apologies for the confusing setup!

Happy to help in any way possible. This is a great cause. #blacklivesmatter

Yeah :)

Thank you! 😊

hey folks, just wanted to say that you can play a demo of my soon-to-be-released game at :) 

the warning is no longer true, any carts you save will now be offered as a download :)

thanks! :)

(also just noticed a collision bug i need to fix--oops)

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you are correct! I was clamping the column without accounting for that--should be fixed now :)

Thank you! :)