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thanks! :)

(also just noticed a collision bug i need to fix--oops)

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you are correct! I was clamping the column without accounting for that--should be fixed now :)

PQ93 community · Created a new topic Devlog
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  • started thinking about high-level stuff, what i wanted it to "feel like"
  • tried to come up with a good name (a friend said PQ93 was fine--feels meh to me)
  • a scribble in my physical devlog says "chicken pARM"


  • project setup on Win10 (VSCode)
  • installed emscripten, no idea what to do with it yet
  • decided to tolerate SDL2, given the range of targets. sadface.
  • got most platform stuff working (video/audio buffers, clock, etc)


  • set up my raspberry pi
  • damaged the Sony Mega Walkman i got for my physical console. oops.


  • set up SSH on the pi
  • set up VSCode stuff for that (tried some extensions, got annoyed, used rsync in a task)
  • CRLF issues with VSCode
  • got PQ93 to build on pi


  • got VSCode problem matcher crap to work
  • fixed VSCode intellisense issues
  • shopped around for components for my physical console (finding a suitable display was iffy)


  • more shopping around for parts
  • experimented with CAD stuff for printing


  • lua API design thoughts
  • reverse projected mouse
  • wrote a loader/renderer for BMFont fonts
  • got basic multiline text rendering and editing to work
    • vertical scroll, insert, delete, backspace, return, arrow keys


  • cut/paste a line , line highlight, text color.
  • selection, copy/cut/paste (ish--bugs)


  • hanging indent, syntax highlighting, pgup, pgdn.
  •  fixme: weird abort w/ no message sometimes when backspacing
  • fixed tabs


  • added line:col display to the editor


  • command shell design
  • editor feature planning
  • moved text editing core to its own file
  • file path stuff


  • more window shopping for parts


  • singe-line text editing for the command shell
  • horizontal scrolling for editor & shell
  • fixed CRLF in paste
  • read about terminal emulators
  • got some work done on shell commands


  • got all non-cart commands to work (thanks, stb)


  • parts shopping: screen (car backup camera monitor), power switch, multimeter, stepper bits
  • preliminary cart format design, on paper


  • lots of thinking about the audio tracker--i've never made one of those
    • support for MIDI controllers would be dope
    • custom waveform import/export as images (like Nintendo Labo's card system, sort of)
  • realized i need a simple imgui lib for all the "studio" parts of PQ93
  • played with DirectFB for video on raspbian--it was a bust. 
  • can only get SDL2 to work without X if i run raspbian's legacy emulated OpenGL driver, _even_ if i don't ask for hardware acceleration.
  • set up software framebuffer. wrote blits and shape rasterization stuff
  • editor crashes when cut/paste last line in buffer  fixed, i think


  • rendering busted on long lines of text
    • actually, it was busted on excessively long _tokens_--the buffer was short
  • editor runs at 60FPS on the pi... woot!
  • Esc to change between shell & editor
  • more raster shape functions
  • wrote code to convert images to c arrays and text
  • converted car backup monitor to 5V, runs off the pi just fine c:


  • changed how the 'help' command works
  • subimage convenience functions to get tiles
  • fixed stb_image stuff--for some reason the byte order is wrong, even tho he accounts for that...
  • made system cursor sprites


  • got imgui buttons and cursors working
  • cmdline option to run headless and convert an image to a carray
  • got editor tabs working
  • cleaned up some code
  • hotkeys to quit (Ctrl+Q, Alt+F4)
  • thoughts about audio data & map data design


  • consolidated studio editor data
  • made icons for gfx editor
  • consolidated gui code
  • made an animated splash screen for boot
  • consolidated ticks & frames
  • got a Sony Color Watchman on eBay


  • fixed a timing issue
  • made a smaller system font (minifont), wrote the code for that


  • gfx editor: tile size selector, mouse wheel support, sucky marquis & stamp tool, scrollbars
  • sprite flags
  • fixed overscan problem with pi and CRT
    • added support for config files
    • added support for config files
    • configurable overscan, custom window resolution support
    • got a decent picture on the CRT
  • Watchman needs calibrating, but i don't have a screwdriver long & thin enough to reach one of the case screws
  • added hotkeys to gfx editor
  • reorganized SDL2 event code, consolidated lots of stuff
  • copy & stamp work properly now
  • sheet selector for gfx editor


  • fixed sheet selection issue
  • got gfx import/export working
  • map editor basics
    • largely the same logic as the image editor
    • scrolling (was more trouble than i expected)


  • map editor:
    • fixed move tool in map editor
    • fixed issues with stamp tool
    • added a "big picture mode"
    • added tile coords to info bar
    • scroll with arrow keys
  • thoughts & planning about remaining editors to be written (instrument, sfx, music)
  • cartridge file saving/loading
  • added 'reboot' command


  • thought about how to handle standalone export of carts


  • worked on audio system design
  • made a sine wave at middle C
  • played a "song" back from an array


  • more audio system work, marginal progress.


  • got my refurb 2011 MacBook Air
  • got VSCode and stuff set up for the Mac
  • got the Mac build working


  • read a bunch of articles about audio
  • reorganized audio code
  • wrote instrument renderers
  • added sprite flag saving/loading--i forgot about them
  • removed custom instrument tab from editor
  • made waveform/fx icons for sound editors
  • drawable notes work!


  • made the instrument selectors
  • colors to differentiate instruments
  • bug hunting in instrument code


  • shift click to set all notes to one instrument
  • marked C's and sharps in sfx editor
  • resolved g++ warnings
  • figured out how to change pitch for noise instrument (ish--hacky)
  • sfx volume controls, volume accounted for in playback
  • fixed segfault when loading a cart with no code and then opening the code editor


  • sfx controls { sfx, loops, speed }
  • other misc work on sfx editor


  • experimented with sfx editor's layout, found something tolerable


  • fixed screenshots to use a timestamp
  • added virtual root directory to config.txt options (ohai, dropbox)
  • made the music tracker
  • made the music pattern editor
  • implemented envelope FX
  • fixed sfx save/load to work cross-plat
  • music playback implementation


  • single-pattern songs
  • scripting language decision-making (future blog post)
    • settled on MoonScript (mmmmm)


  • got MoonScript lib loaded
  • got MoonScript code to run
  • changed syntax highlighter over to MoonScript
  • wrote the cart run mode
  • started writing the Lua API

Thank you! :)