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I need more information to comment on your problems. It sounds like you're trying to play on a mobile device? If so, you simply shouldn't, at least until the general support for WebGL is improved. This and several other performance tips are right there in the game.

It's the least we can do :) thanks a ton for the support!

Hey zombieskull13, thanks for the love :3 

We're working hard to get the Date Mode Demo ready. As we're still forced to do this in our spare time, we can't always spend as much time on development as we would want, but we're getting there. We definitely want to release it before 2018 ends.

In the meantime, have you seen the two smaller releases (Mayu & Ignemis) we put out to shorten the wait?
Look here:

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We provide lots of information on that and what you can do about it in the menu screen :)

Thank you :) We're working hard to get Date Mode done!