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A member registered Mar 17, 2017

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First of all sorry for the late reply. I installed the game in opt folder itself


sudo unzip /home/$(whoami)/Downloads/PC\ Building\ Simulator.zip -d /opt/PC\ Building\ Simulator

sudo chmod 755 /opt/PC\ Building\ Simulator/Linux/PC\ Building\ Simulator\.*

printf "[Desktop Entry]\nName=PC Building Simulator\nComment=3D simulation of building PCs\nExec=\"/opt/PC Building Simulator/Linux/PC Building Simulator.$( arch )\"\nIcon=/opt/PC Building Simulator/Linux/PC Building Simulator_Data/Resources/UnityPlayer.png\nTerminal=false\nType=Application\nCategories=Game\nKeywords=simulation\n" | sudo tee /usr/share/applications/pc-building-simulator.desktop >/dev/null

sudo chmod 755 /usr/share/applications/pc-building-simulator.desktop


it installed everything in the opt folder and I am able to launch the pc builiding simulator window from laucher it self. But still when I click ok nothing is happening. It just exist the window

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I have unzipped the file in a different disk drive/media than the home itself. I followed your method in my ubuntu 14 but not able to run it.

my unzipped file path is /media/pc/Disk1/temp/test/

not working did chmod a+x PC\ Building\ Simulator.x86_64 with out any error but when I tried to open the file the result is same. It opens a window kept default options and press ok..nothing NADA

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I have downloaded and extracted the latest linux version. In the uncompressed folder there are two files PC Building Simulator.x86 and PC Building Simulator.x86_64 and a folder PC Building Simulator_Data . I double clicked and opened the PC Building Simulator.x86_64 file and it showed a window and kept the default parameters and clicked OK but nothing happened. I tried to change the resolution to 800x600 and graphics low but still nothing is working. No error nothing.