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oxo potion

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Hi there!

I didn't add long hair because it would have been a pain to rig and animate. Next time around there will be much more variation in hair types :)

Hey there!

I checked out Wallpaper Engine and it seems pretty cool! From what I read, the application feature is Unity based so maybe its possible to just open the .exe through Wallpaper Engine's task-bar menu. If that doesn't work, I think I would need to make a special build that doesn't use the initial resolution dialogue at launch. Give it a try and see :) I'm not so sure I have enough time to create new builds of Poke Abby these days so I can only offer verbal support for the time being :p

And to answer your side note question; there is no extra content in the HD version of Poke Abby. It's purely an up-rez of the character models. Later on down the line I may further update the visuals but I don't think I'll be adding any more content to that game unfortunately.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! More to come and hopefully before too long :)

I'm happy it's working for you now and you can enjoy all the current animations!

Just poke her man. No big deal ;p

Yup! I plan to add that in at some point :)

Thanks! It's actually a 3rd party plugin for Unity :) I hesitate to state which one because, while people don't seem to mind their assets being used in games about mass slaughter of our fellow human beings, they tend to take offense when they find out their stuff is used for games with a bit of butt and boobs in them.

Thank you! No controller support right now but I can put it on my list of things to add as we go. Also it's only intended for computer OS currently so as long as you play it on one of those, you will be all set :)

That's right! But I want to make it more than just a passive viewer over time. I'll be adding in outfit assets from Poke Abby as well as what ever else we come up with and I have time for :)

And I have added in sound and voice so that's all good isn't it?!

Thanks! We'll get there eventually ;)

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I'll be making improvements to this character model for the player character in my next project :) There should be ways to make adjustments too if you want different volumes.

Usually my page will be set to charge Patrons on a "per Month" basis but sometimes I'm unable to work for a period of time. In that case, I'll switch it to "Hiatus" which means I'm taking a break and nobody will be charged during that time :)

You aren't dumb! Don't say that! 

The censorship is featured in copies of Poke Abby HD purchased through any Japanese storefront like DLsite for example. Unfortunately there is no way to disable the effect in those copies as it is required by law. To get the game with out censorship, you can download Poke Abby here on itch.io for free or purchase a copy of Poke Abby HD from here as well. 

Sorry about the confusion but I hope that clears things up for you!

Thank you so much for your support! I appreciate it and I love to hear your feedback and thoughts on the game :) To answer your question; this game is complete and I won't be adding any more content to it. I'll be focusing all my energy on my current game project still in early development.

Thank you so much, Repairm3, for your feedback :) I love hearing back from the community and it is always nice to see someone so compelled by my work to write such a comprehensive comment!

I agree with you and I have felt that way about this project ever since moved away from it. The content has always felt slim for what it seemed to promise but when it came down to it, I had to wrap it up. The concept I had planed was intended to be simple but before long and after many community suggestions, I was cramming all kinds of extra content and features into it. It got to the point where the project was hard to work inside and the more I put in, the slower my workflow became. So instead of continuing to build on this project, I finalized it as best as I could.

I learned a lot from that project and I'll take all that knowledge and all of your feedback into my next game :)

Thanks again!

P.S. I love your thought about adding more interactions with the environment! That would have been a great layer of polish I never even considered :)

Thank you :) And I agree. One of the biggest shortcomings of this project is the lack of interactions in the second scene. I would have liked to add in another set of interactions during sex but it would have almost doubled the amount of animations I needed to make. In the end, I figured I should find a good stopping point and move on with my next game rather than make people wait several months for me to finish this little game.

Replied to Egg_ in Poke Abby comments

Hi there! Sorry also for the late reply; I've been super busy with my new game :)

DLsite asked to publish Poke Abby HD on their's and other big Japanese storefronts so all of this is beneficial for me :) Thanks for the heads-up anyway. There is always a potential sneaky peeps to try and profit from other's work! Luckily, that's not the case here. DLsite has been awesome to deal with and the exposure I get in that region of the world now is wonderful :)

Sorry for the late reply! DLsite was gracious enough to publish Poke Abby HD for me and even help get the game on other Japanese storefronts :) All of this was done with my consent so no need to disgrace anyone! Thanks for looking out for me though!

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Sorry about that! You are still the only case of this happening. I can only assume it's a localized issue because I'm unable to recreate this problem on my end. I wouldn't recommend buying this version of the game if you are seeing problems in the demo. All versions and demos perform consistently so any problems you have on one will most likely be seen on all of them.

Try seeing if others have the same issue with other Unity games and troubleshooting ways to resolve it.

Hey there! I snipped out that error stuff you posted after reading it through. It looks a little ugly on this page don't you think? Maybe next time you can send it to me in some other form like a message on tumblr or even after hosting it somewhere online first and sharing the link.

Anyway, I'm glad you are willing to do tests for me. Send me a message on tumblr and we can figure something out. I feel like I know what's going on there and can correct it if you are availible for corispondance!

Thank you :) Also, the normal version is completely free! So I figured it would balance out :p

Sorry to hear about that! I'd say the issue is localized because it's working in all other cases where it's been tested. I've never used Linux before so I don't know how you might be able to approach troubleshooting on your own. Unfortunately this is one of the many drawbacks of being a one person operation. I wish I had more resources to help!

Try looking up similar crashes with Unity and Linux online to see if anything comes up. I wish you luck!

I believe that game you mentioned is also made in the Unity engine. Maybe you could do some troubleshooting on those forums to see if other's have had similar issues.

Sorry you're having trouble there. This is the first time I'm hearing about any of these issues. There might be some kind of hardware or driver inconsistency. I would recommend updating your drivers for your video card and if that doesn't work and you tried everything else, you may need to use a different computer... You have a spare computer lying around, don't you?!

Immagine how I feel!

Glad you figured it out :)

Hey there! Thanks for your input. Any time I see backlash from something I produce, it's a signal that I need to make some changes so I appreciate your forwardness.

I'm hoping it will be worth it for some people and if not then it's probably just a price-point thing. If that's the case than I'll drop it a bit but I still wanted this version to feel exclusive to some degree because it was a reward for Patreon supporters who already committed quite a bit more. I do want to be clear, however, that I never intended the release of this content to come across as negative in any way!

Wow! How cool! Thanks for sharing this :)

It does give me a better idea of what needs to be changed if I ever use VR for my games. I think until I have my own headset, I won't feel comfortable developing for VR because there are so many nuances I would want to polish myself that would be hard to pinpoint through text and bug reports from others.

P.S. I edited your comment to look less like spam at a glance ;p

Thanks for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed :)

Originally I would have made alternative clothes models that pushed aside during sex to remove clipping during those scenes. It looked strange to have penetration straight through the clothes despite the concept that you referenced so I ended up going the rout that I did to save time and keep things looking polished.

This was a bit of an experiment for my first project so I wanted it to stay small. I'm glad you enjoy it though :)

My next game will be much larger so keep an eye out for that!

That would be really cool if you got that to work! I always wanted to try and add VR but I don't have a system to test on :|

Thank ya! To reach the sex scenes, you need to pleasure Abby until the option appears ;)

Thank you very much! You are too kind :)

I'm sorry to hear! I haven't been able to recreate any of the "no audio" problems that have been reported. You may have to do some troubleshooting on your end.

Hey Ace!

Thank you for the praise! This is my first NSFW game but I have worked on other projects in the past. I'm happy to welcome you on Patreon! The support I get on there is what fuels my work and why I'll be starting a second, much larger project, in the near future :)

And that's right! ONLY two sex scenes :p There were more planned but I didn't want to spend too much time on such a simple game.

Take care!

This is my first. I'm starting my next game very soon. It is much larger in scope so we will have to be patent ;)

Sorry, friend! No VR for this game. I did consider it :p Maybe it's something I can add later but I'm moving on to the next project now.

Patrons do get more extensive notes and updates on project progress but I can give you a brief explanation of what was added sense b 1.8 :)

The game is now available on Windows, Mac, AND Linux. I fixed and changed various HUD and UI as well as added options to lock the camera to three desirable parts of Abby's body. Most, if not all of the model clipping was addressed. I gave the cursor some graphics that indicate points of interaction. Then I also made some adjustments to the audio to hopefully balance it out.

Glad you are enjoying the game!

Replied to Kawa in Poke Abby comments

Don't stop believeing, my friend :)

Stay tuned for the final release coming soon. There is a chance the problem is fixed in that version!