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oxo potion

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If you are talking about performance; when you launch the game you should get the Unity launcher window. In there you have several options for quality inside a drop down. Depending on the hardware of your computer, you can pick a quality setting that works best. Additionally, inside the game, you can click the gear icon on the top left of the screen and turn off various post-processing features like depth of field or anti-aliasing. When you adjust these in game, you should see the performance change automatically.

I hope this helps :)

I'm experimenting more with more dynamic ways of interaction using physics in another game project. Knowing that kind of thing would make another Poke Abby much more approachable! All the animations I had to do by hand with the last game was a real time sync so I'd like to be more familiar with physics in Unity before creating a sequel.

I also have a couple of other game projects going on right now, one of which being a pretty long term one, so getting back to Poke Abby wouldn't be for quite a while. Keep checking my social media profiles for any updates on other game projects you might be interested in thought!

I'm glad you liked Poke Abby and I aim to continue producing similar stuff as fast as I can :)

How cool! I would love to get involved with VR somehow but I've been held up from collaborating for a few reasons. Firstly, there's no way for me to personally assure quality with out a VR system of my own. Also it's hard to bring myself to sharing project files with people I don't know. And probably the largest factor is I have little time to spare while I work on my future projects. Even though a third party could implement VR on their own, I know from past experiences that this kind of collaboration requires a constant back and fourth.

I'll keep you in mind though and if I'm ever better prepared to do something like this, I'll be sure to contact you :)

I won't be able to because I don't have a VR system to test on but someone hacked some VR functionality into it a while ago. I didn't stay in contact with them though unfortunately but their post may be burred on this board somewhere if you wanted to find them.

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it :D It's a surprise YouTube was your first exposure to me when I never post things there ;p

I really appreciate it :) Spreading the word around definitely helps with promotion considering I don't do ads or anything like that.

About your first question; outside of Patreon, purchasing games or just donating here works just as well if you are so inclined. I believe both itch.io and Patreon accept PayPalto handle transactions.

Also, there won't be any new content added to this game but my next larger project will have just about every type of sexual interaction under the sun including lesbian so that is good ;)

Hi there!

Double check to make sure you downloaded the proper version of the game for your operating system. If you are sure you have, there may be some kind of discrepancy with either the drivers of your graphics card or some of your hardware. With out more info, I can't be sure what is causing the crash but hopefully you are able to trouble-shoot form here to get it working.

I'll look into this. It could have something to do with the resolution being too large in some cases. The GUI scales on it's own when the window size is changed so maybe something is off there. Thanks for the feedback :)

Thanks for testing this all out and the incite about the older cards :) It's unfortunate that the game isn't compatible with those types of graphics cards. At some point I may look into it and see if there is anything I can do.

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Hey there! Sorry about the confusion. In order for the site to remember your purchase, you need to create an account and make the purchase through there. Then you will have access to the game download when ever you want so long as you log back in to that same account.

Because you didn't log in to make the purchase, you can message me on Tumblr confirming the e-mail address you made the purchase with and I will get you a download key :) That would be oxopotion.tumblr in case you have trouble finding it.

It's been a while since I have given the game a try myself but maybe it's no longer compatible? I guess I should take a look at it. I haven't been getting any other messages about that but I'll give it a test.

About Unity and Unreal: They are often times compared to each other after they went free for most users but I stuck with Unity just because it's what I know how to use and it does everything I need it to do. The only time I consider changing up the software I use is if something on another platform comes out that is imperative to my work. That rarely happens because I'm not pushing any huge boundaries with my games so I've been happy with the tools I use for years.

I've never worked in Unreal so I would do a little more research on your own and just pick one to stick with. I will tell you this though; the terrain editor inside Unity is very dated and difficult to work with by default. If you are interested in making large open world maps, maybe see what kind of features Unreal has and if that suits you better because as fat as Unity 5.6 goes, I can't recommend it on that front.

Hope that helps :)

That's a new one! Are you sure you aren't in the controls screen? Try clicking around in the top left corner to close it. Also, I can't remember if this is a thing but maybe pressing tab will close it as well. Also, make sure you have the proper version of the game for your operating system.

Hope that helps :)

Thanks :) Glad you like it!

Hi there :)

The only way to see the other positions is to reset and rub Abby in a different way. She will decide what pose she wants ;)

And thanks so much for your praise! I'm glad you enjoy the game. This project is actually finished so we won't see any new content for it but I'll always be updating Flip Book with new content and I'm working on an all new game you can check out once it's ready to show!

Hi there Gooligan :)

Abby will enter either the anal scene or the vaginal scene depending on the spots you poked and rubbed before hand. From the sounds of it, you spend a lot of time rubbing her bum ;p

Hello :)

You're right! That definitely sounds like some video card confusion. All drivers are different so I can't walk you through it but see if you can find the priority settings for each of your drivers and prioritize the ATI Radeon R9 over the Intel one. That will at least keep them from stepping on each other's toes and hopefully get the game displaying properly for you. If you are unsure about messing with the settings, you can contact the retailer you got the laptop from and see if they can guide you assuming they have a friendly support line.

Hope this helps and you can figure it out!

I never tried building a WebGL version but to my understanding running that type of build requires that the game be hosted somewhere. Luckily itch.io is able to host and embed games right on the site page so maybe I could do something with that in the future. I'm a little busy these days but I'll make a note to get that running at some point if it's possible for this particular game :)

I'm sorry you're having trouble launching the game! From what you described, I'm guessing Unity is having trouble launching on your computer.  This could be for a number of reasons but most likely it is due to your system's firewall blocking the program. Try disabling temporarily or adding an exception to your firewall and try launching the game again.

Beyond that, I'm not so sure what could be going wrong. When the launcher itself fails to load, it tells me that there is an issue between the system and Unity itself as apposed to their being an issue with the game.

I hope you are able to get the game working! Let me know if you see different results in future attempts :)

Thanks Loliket! Glad to hear :)

Please correct me if I'm wrong; I don't think Unity builds to that platform. Sorry about that :(

From what I can remember, the demo skips character customization and jumps right into the gameplay. As for not being able to control the camera, that's a new issue that I haven't heard yet! Not being able to click the buttons is not so new though. My only advice is to make sure you have downloaded the correct version of the game for your operating system. You can check this by comparing the download file name to what your computer displays as your operating system information; x86 or x64 and so on. As for the controls, be sure you understand the controls listed on this page. Sorry about the trouble but I hope that helps!

If you still have trouble, let me know!

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Update 002 is out!

What's new?

  • Models have been replaced with HD models!
  • New sex animations from Poke Abby! (climaxes are locked for now)

If you already purchased the last version, you can re-download for free!

Enjoy :)

I really love that idea :) It would be a huge amount of work but if I had set that as my goal to begin with, the game would have been stronger overall for sure.

I'm happy you enjoyed the game anyway and I appreciate your comment :)

Hi there!

I didn't add long hair because it would have been a pain to rig and animate. Next time around there will be much more variation in hair types :)

Hey there!

I checked out Wallpaper Engine and it seems pretty cool! From what I read, the application feature is Unity based so maybe its possible to just open the .exe through Wallpaper Engine's task-bar menu. If that doesn't work, I think I would need to make a special build that doesn't use the initial resolution dialogue at launch. Give it a try and see :) I'm not so sure I have enough time to create new builds of Poke Abby these days so I can only offer verbal support for the time being :p

And to answer your side note question; there is no extra content in the HD version of Poke Abby. It's purely an up-rez of the character models. Later on down the line I may further update the visuals but I don't think I'll be adding any more content to that game unfortunately.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! More to come and hopefully before too long :)

I'm happy it's working for you now and you can enjoy all the current animations!

Just poke her man. No big deal ;p

Yup! I plan to add that in at some point :)

Thanks! It's actually a 3rd party plugin for Unity :) I hesitate to state which one because, while people don't seem to mind their assets being used in games about mass slaughter of our fellow human beings, they tend to take offense when they find out their stuff is used for games with a bit of butt and boobs in them.

Thank you! No controller support right now but I can put it on my list of things to add as we go. Also it's only intended for computer OS currently so as long as you play it on one of those, you will be all set :)

That's right! But I want to make it more than just a passive viewer over time. I'll be adding in outfit assets from Poke Abby as well as what ever else we come up with and I have time for :)

And I have added in sound and voice so that's all good isn't it?!

Thanks! We'll get there eventually ;)

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I'll be making improvements to this character model for the player character in my next project :) There should be ways to make adjustments too if you want different volumes.

Usually my page will be set to charge Patrons on a "per Month" basis but sometimes I'm unable to work for a period of time. In that case, I'll switch it to "Hiatus" which means I'm taking a break and nobody will be charged during that time :)

You aren't dumb! Don't say that! 

The censorship is featured in copies of Poke Abby HD purchased through any Japanese storefront like DLsite for example. Unfortunately there is no way to disable the effect in those copies as it is required by law. To get the game with out censorship, you can download Poke Abby here on itch.io for free or purchase a copy of Poke Abby HD from here as well. 

Sorry about the confusion but I hope that clears things up for you!

Thank you so much for your support! I appreciate it and I love to hear your feedback and thoughts on the game :) To answer your question; this game is complete and I won't be adding any more content to it. I'll be focusing all my energy on my current game project still in early development.

Thank you so much, Repairm3, for your feedback :) I love hearing back from the community and it is always nice to see someone so compelled by my work to write such a comprehensive comment!

I agree with you and I have felt that way about this project ever since moved away from it. The content has always felt slim for what it seemed to promise but when it came down to it, I had to wrap it up. The concept I had planed was intended to be simple but before long and after many community suggestions, I was cramming all kinds of extra content and features into it. It got to the point where the project was hard to work inside and the more I put in, the slower my workflow became. So instead of continuing to build on this project, I finalized it as best as I could.

I learned a lot from that project and I'll take all that knowledge and all of your feedback into my next game :)

Thanks again!

P.S. I love your thought about adding more interactions with the environment! That would have been a great layer of polish I never even considered :)

Thank you :) And I agree. One of the biggest shortcomings of this project is the lack of interactions in the second scene. I would have liked to add in another set of interactions during sex but it would have almost doubled the amount of animations I needed to make. In the end, I figured I should find a good stopping point and move on with my next game rather than make people wait several months for me to finish this little game.

Replied to Egg_ in Poke Abby comments

Hi there! Sorry also for the late reply; I've been super busy with my new game :)

DLsite asked to publish Poke Abby HD on their's and other big Japanese storefronts so all of this is beneficial for me :) Thanks for the heads-up anyway. There is always a potential sneaky peeps to try and profit from other's work! Luckily, that's not the case here. DLsite has been awesome to deal with and the exposure I get in that region of the world now is wonderful :)