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Sorry about the confusion! I can see how reading that would give you the wrong idea. A VR version is completely possible and something I have considered but I have changed focus to other projects and will likely not approach this any time soon. I appreciate your support by purchasing the game and I hope you can still enjoy with out VR for the time being.

I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

I never planned on making the castle explorable so the only way to get to there currently would be to climb up a tree and try to hop over the area coliders :p But I won't be approaching this project any time soon unfortunately so it will remain a simple explorable map indefinitely.

Poke Abby HD VR Update!

Thanks to the feedback from a few players and one very useful find from user12321, DeviantDev has been able to update Poke Abby HD VR with a fix to a pretty large issue in the games quality settings! If you were experiencing low quality deformations or skin weights on the character model resulting in mesh clipping and flickering, that should all be fixed with this update :)

If you have already purchased and downloaded the VR version of Poke Abby HD, it is recommended that you re-download the new .zip to avoid any issues.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy!

Oh hey! This was an issue we were trying to troubleshoot recently! I've let DeviantDev know about your suggestions and the details you provides so hopefully he can fix that for us. He's been pretty busy with his own project so I can't promise much haste.

Thanks a bunch!

Sorry about that! There's a pretty glaring graphical issue with that version and it hadn't been getting a lot of hits recently so I thought it would be safe to remove it. I'll put it back up so you can download it for a short while but after that, it needs to come down until it gets fixed.

Instead of downloading the "Poke Abby VR (Win x64).zip" download "Poke Abby (x64).zip" or which ever non-VR version matches your OS. When you play the VR version with out a VR system, you will have very limited mouse and keyboard controls.

I really appreciate it and I'm glad you enjoy my work so much :) I'll always have a soft spot for making erotic games so I don't think I can stay away forever. For now though, it's nice to have the time to spend on the other things I'm passionate about.

Thanks for your kind thoughts and take care :)

Poke Abby HD VR is available now!

If you already purchased Poke Abby HD, you can download the VR version for free :) Otherwise, now might be a good time to check it out if you already went through the trouble of getting a VR device ;P


Oh yeah, could be! I actually don't use the client so I'm not sure how all my re-uploads effects users. Hope all works out for you :)

I'm thinking you may have downloaded the demo version by mistake!

Thanks :)

I had to move away from this kind of work and focus more on my other projects. This one was just too big for my breeches!

I appreciate it :) Spent a lot of time on this map but never got the chance to go in for my next pass for smaller plants and particles stuff.

Hey at least you can jump too :p

For the sex sfx I just picked up a few here and there any time someone was sharing links and created a little library of sounds :) I also got some from random free sounds websites I would recommend checking out. Just don't search for "sex noise" or something because nobody lists sounds that way. Look for "fruit squishing" or stuff like that ;)

Poke Abby VR is now out!

Give it a try and let DeviantDev and I know how it's working :)

You should have access to all that stuff from the beginning of the game. Once you select an outfit and everything for Abby, you will need to reset to change it again. The only thing you can change during gameplay is the visibility of each article of clothing for the outfit you chose.

This game is complete so I won't be adding any more content. But keep an eye out for the VR version coming soon :)

There are two sex scenes for you to find :)

This sounds like some sort of graphics driver inconsistency. I don't think there is much I can recommend other than being sure you have the proper version of the game for your operating system and seeing if updating your drivers does anything. Sorry for the trouble!

Thanks! Glad you liked it :)

I'm not using Windows 7 anymore but my guess would be this issue has to do with the version of Unity used for this game and it's comparability with that version of Windows. I would try checking the Unity forums for similar issues and see if there is a solution out there. Sorry I can't be more help than that!

Glad you liked it and thanks for the feedback :) The shirt bra thing is just some logic I didn't re-create in this from Poke Abby. It could be implemented at some point though, it just might be a while. As for the other customization options, I don't plan on going too much further just because Poke Abby already exists and copying it so much might cheapen that experience.

I'm happy you like it :)

Glad you like :)

I've resolved to making less lewd games for the indefinite future so hopefully there will be more room for creativity as you pointed out :)

Haha if you managed to rip the assets from the game, I'm sure you will manage to make some light shafts on your own ;p
Also, you asked about the software I use; it shouldn't matter what you use, they all do the same thing.

Excellent! Thanks for all the effort of putting this together :) It was fun to listen to all the expectations you had before getting into the game ;p Definitely more ambitious than I was ;)

Maybe but I wouldn't hold my breath on it! I'm going to be super busy.

If I'm remembering correctly, I extruded out the edges of the window and duplicated that shape to have two layers. In Unity, I animated the UVs so each layer's texture moved opposite to each other and it created a cool effect :)

YES :) Just don't keep spamming it here in the comments section when it gets bumped down by other comments please!

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Update 4 is out!

I added quite a lot this time around so I'll just make a list of new stuff and changes like wot game developers usually do.


  • Hotkey shortcuts for menus and playback.
  • Menu items now indicate when they are selected.
  • The player can now shoot their very own fluid particles from their face! Similar to the particle gun in Play Ground only less huge.
  • An option to hide all UI elements with a hotkey.
  • Pause, speed up, and slow down animations.


  • More like new old content; I added in all the outfits from Poke Abby HD.
  • Scrolling outfit menu for selecting outfits and clothes articles.
  • Player Menu to select playback speed, pause and play, and flip between animations.
  • An icon to show when the sun is being controlled.
  • I updated the UI to be more round and changed the font to match everything.

Bug Fixes:

  • Scrolling menus now scale properly with different screen sizes so the buttons won't get cut off.
  • Cursor hot-spot is changed to match the sprite better. Clicking should be more accurate and understandable.
  • The sun can now be controlled at any time! Before, using menus would lock it's control from the player.

Known Issues:

  • Fluid particle gun will get stuck on sometimes. Just need to press again to correct it.
  • Pause and play hotkey (P) will only work once while the player menu is closed. Menu needs to be open for the hotkey to work again.
  • Player menu buttons are slow because of the punch animation.
  • The character model still has bad deformations in some of the earlier animations.
  • Clothes don't react to fluid particles. Not a big deal but some larger articles like the witch hat should have collision.

Don’t forget! If you already purchased the last version, you can re-download this one for free!

I hope you enjoy :)

This game is set in the Autumnhearth College for Magically Gifted Beings. Being a college conveniently places her in the 18 years of age and up group.

Glad to hear it :)

The status of this project is set to "Released" so I wouldn't expect any more content.

The plan for Fuu Garden was to create an adventure style game. It would have very little to do with Poke Abby as far as mechanics but the setting would be the same. However, I'm going on hiatus so progress on that game has stopped

And about your voice question, you are hearing it correctly. The actress was asked to do only interjections to keep things simple but effective. It's a bit nostalgic to have characters talk this way because it's how many older games did dialogue and I thought it would be fun to do here too :)

Soon, keep an eye out!

Update 4 has outfits :) I haven't had a chance to upload that here but keep an eye out and I'll update this page as soon as I get the chance.

Make sure you have the correct version of the game for your system. If you are sure and are still having problems, there may be an inconsistency with your graphics card. Try looking into similar issues people have had with other Unity games; you may find an answer there.

I was making another installment but I'm no longer working on erotic games so unfortunately that project is paused indefinitely.