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Demon's Souls, not Dark Souls! :) Demon's Souls was a PS3 exclusive that they made before they made Dark Souls. Dark Souls is the spiritual successor I think. They had to change the name and some of the basic ideas to make Dark Souls cross platform without breaking their contract, but I liked it a little bit better.

The mentoring sounds like it would be a lot of fun too!

I will definitely check out the Discord channel, Amir!


Hey guys, I'm Kota. I'm a software developer, control systems engineer, electrical engineer, and roboticist. I started a company a few years ago building industrial robots. Turns out there is a lot of overlap between video game design and robotics (just like how there is a lot of overlap between audio engineering and control theory!) so I thought I would come check out this side of the world.

Dev Setup:

  • Laptop: Thinkpad P1 with Intel Xeon E-2176M, 32GB RAM, Nvidia P2000, 2TB HD -> Dual 1080p monitors along with laptop screen (so 3 screens!)
  • Desktops (i have 2 with very similar setups): i7 of some sort.... 16GB RAM? Nvidia 9800 GTX I believe ->Dual 1080p monitors
  • Keyboard: 2x Apple Magic Keyboard with numpad, 1x Das 4 Ultimate
  • OS: Ubuntu, Gentoo Linux
  • Editor: Emacs evil-mode, vterm-mode

Languages I Know, sorted by preference:

  1. C++
  2. Rust (sort of... getting started with it!)
  3. Ruby
  4. elisp
  5. Python
  6. Erlang
  7. ES6
  8. Java

Favorite Games..?

I'm not much of a gamer (I probably play about 15 hours worth of games a year max), but I think Demon's Souls is still #1 for me. Apart from that, I used to pour a ton of time into RFactor2 and Assetto Corsa as practice (I race cars as a hobby) but startup life has drained all my free time.

Goals with DragonRuby:

  • Robot visualization (obviously 2D things!)
  • Digital instruments and sound/music making things
  • Some basic games.

    So, I just discovered DragonRuby the other day through reddit's r/ruby. Pretty cool! But the thing that really got me was that your README.txt is an org-mode file! :) Very helpful and I can't wait to get started!