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Not entirly, I'm trying but network coding alone isn't easy lol. It's just hard.

Just showing off the concept for it. I have it listed on Kickstarter with the future plans for it. You can view all that HERE

Thanks! and yes me too but honestly i had no direction for the game and thus it ending short and oddly lol

Idk.. Story is for you to determine, i'm just telling a story and you're along the ride to figure out what i'm expressing lol

I hope you had fun with the game!

Well thanks for the kind words, and yes I will work on those small issues. I enjoy making a game nearly so solid there's little to no flaws. So thanks for letting me know about those I will for sure take that as advice and do my best to correct it!

I don't mind the let's play you did I just hope you had fun with the game, Have a good day!

I'm Glad


Thank you!

Thank you!


I don't watch all the videos, I watched this one like.. 2 days ago. i honestly forgot what you said about it. sorry lol I just hope you liked it!

I coulda made it longer but that's all I had at the moment. lol I hope you enjoyed it!

Thanks, and yes it will. A bit confusing but i think it all tied together in a decent manner.

lol, yes it does! but thanks!

thank you!

thank you I appreciate hearing that!

That's the point